Blizzard Provides Tardy World of Warcraft Player A Late Note To Raid Night

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Anyone who has played World of Warcraft with a serious raiding guild knows that there's nothing more frustrating than waiting around for the whole team to show up before the adventure can get started. This isn't as much of a pain in the Legion era as it used to be in the vanilla WoW days thanks to dungeon and raid finder tools, but it is still an issue for some guilds. When a World of Warcraft player was going to be late to raid night due to server problems recently, he turned to Blizzard Customer Service for an excuse and good guy Blizz didn't let down...

The twitter exchange began when BlizzardCS acknowledged some login issues and explained that the team was working on a fix. At that point, a WoW player jokingly reached out and asked for an official excuse to provide his raid leader. Blizzard replied with a throwback to a classic WoW meme and the old days of earning loot drops by building up 'dragon kill points' with good attendance and performance in raids.

Here's a look at how the exchange played out...

For those who missed the classic days of WoW, the 50 DKP minus is a reference to the Onyxia Wipe video that perfectly captures the insanity of trying to organize large group raids in the early era of the MMO. Although there are some players who long for legacy servers and miss the early days of the game, there's no denying that things (including loot distribution and grouping) are much more user friendly at this point.

BlizzardCS definitely earned some cool points with WoW players with this reply and even seemed to take the heat off after announcing unplanned downtime, which is certainly no easy feat.

What do you think of Blizzard's throwback to the old 50 DKP meme? Let us know in the comments.

World of Warcraft: Legion is currently available for PC and Mac.

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