World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Expansion Announced

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Expansion Announced

World of Warcraft's next major expansion was revealed live on-stage during BlizzCon 2017's opening ceremony. Battle for Azeroth reignites the war between the Alliance and Horde factions as tensions grow beyond tolerance between Warchief Sylvanas and freshly crowned King Anduin. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth does not have a release window, but Blizzard may change that during one of the many BlizzCon panels and events in the next few days. Otherwise, it may be a long wait

As would be expected of any new World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth features new lands, new features, and a new level cap. Battle for Azeroth will push the cap to 120, up from Legion's 110. The expansion also adds new race alternatives for each faction, which can only be unlocked through quests.

And a core new feature in Battle for Azeroth is the ability to explore and plunder uncharted islands. While many expansions have been set on the land, Battle for Azeroth takes place in the ocean between the Maelstrom and the Eastern Kingdoms.

Battle of Azeroth will center on Kul Tiras and Zandalar, home to Alliance and Horde, respectively. Alliance members will join Jaina Proudmoore and recruit from the areas of Tiragarde Sound, Drustvar, and Stormsong Valley. The Horde will pull the veil from the ancient troll civilization of Zandalar and the regions of Zuldazar, Nazmir, and Vol'dun. And the area where the two factions meet remains mysterious, awaiting the tides of war.

As ever, Battle of Azeroth will include many of the features players expect from a World of Warcraft expansion. New dungeons, like the golden city of Atal'Dazar and the outlaw town of Freehold, as well as raids will be featured prominently. All expansion packages include an instant character boost up to level 110, too. And from the concept of Legendary weapons come the Heart of Azeroth, a neck piece that allows players to customize armor with new powers and traits.

Beyond the announcement of Battle for Azeroth itself, the specter of things to come looms. No details were revealed about the potential influence of Queen Azshara (though she popped up in a panel briefly), the Naga, or even the malevolent presence of the Old Gods like N'Zoth. But all World of Warcraft players, especially those who went through Mists of Pandaria, know the greater evil lurks just out of sight. The Battle for Azeroth may not be between the Alliance and Horde at all.

As if a new expansion for World of Warcraft wasn't enough, Blizzard surprised fans with plans for a World of Warcraft vanilla legacy server. World of Warcraft Classic will give players a server option allowing them to replay the launch days of the MMO from 2004 through the Burning Crusade's launch in 2007. Details and a release date for World of Warcraft Classic will arrive in the near future.

World of Warcraft is available now on PC. Expect news regarding the Battle for Azeroth expansion's release date in the weeks or months to come.

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