Blizzard Finally Updates World of Warcraft Armory and Profiles


World of Warcraft players spend hundreds of hours grinding for the best gear and items in Blizzard's aging MMO and sometimes it's nice to be able to show that gear off while away from the game. For years, the World of Warcraft Armory has provided that opportunity, but in recent game updates the desktop and mobile versions of the feature have been growing more and more outdated. Luckily, Blizzard is finally announcing a major overhaul to the profile pages that should help address some of the complaints. Unfortunately, players are already noticing lots of missing information from the new system though...

Blizzard announced the updated profile pages in a blog post today and confirmed that players should be able to use the tool to track character gear, stats, achievements, collections, raid progress, reputation, and lots more. All of this data should be readily available in both desktop and mobile form.

"Your brand-new Profile site has a lot of love to give. When you click around your character and dive into the data you’ll see a rich history of everything you’ve ever loved about World of Warcraft: tricky achievements, rare pets, raid progression, PvP prowess and a great deal more. And it’s not just about your in-game XP—the new Profiles look just as good on your phone, tablet or desktop, so you can take your Warcraft story with you wherever you go."

Although it is likely Blizzard is still just working out the bugs, some keen-eyed WoW fans are already pointing out some of the problems with the new tool. Here is an abbreviated list of some of the problems that the WoW Reddit community already spotted:



  • Recent activity
  • can't click on items for sources
  • can't filter mounts/pets
  • can't see win/loss ratios in 2's and 3's
  • Talents no longer have tooltips
  • Achievement statistics
  • Professions
  • Character titles
  • Arena and RBG win/loss (they added lifetime RBG win/loss for some reason instead...)
  • Calendar
  • Can only see the active stabled pets


  • M+ progression
  • Auction House tab
  • Relics
  • Artifacts (traits / knowledge)
  • Transmog link and tooltip on equipped items
  • PvP Talents
  • Offspec Talents
  • Stat values (in addition to percentages - you used to be able to mouseover)
  • Statistics (used to be a subsection of the achievement page)
  • Mousing over talents to read what they actually do
  • In bag ilevel (u/Anomis90 )


  • Gems display bugged values on both the primary display and tooltip.
  • Haste value
  • Wrong item visuals on both transmogged items and non transmogged item

The changes are definitely exciting, but hopefully Blizzard is able to address the problems that have been identified. It seems strange to remove some tracking features that have been a part of the Armory since its initial launch, so it is likely Blizz will be working to reintegrate these features in the near future. For now, players can login to their Blizzard account to check out their own profiles. If your character doesn't show up, trying logging into the game, changing a piece of gear, and then refreshing.

What do you think of the updates to the WoW Armory? Let us know in the comments.

World of Warcraft is currently available on PC and Mac.

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