Blizzard’s ‘Survival Guide’ trailer for World of Warcraft‘s upcoming 7.1.5 patch collects all of the major additions and changes launching January 10.

Blizzard has continued to deliver on the promise to put out consistent updates for World of Warcraft‘s latest expansion, Legion. Having launched in August, 2016, Legion‘s first major content patch was 7.1.0 and became available on October 25. 7.1.0 introduced the Karazhan dungeon and Trials of Valor raid, among other content. Now Legion‘s second big content patch is about to arrive, 7.1.5, on January 10.

World of Warcraft‘s patch 7.1.5 will deliver several pieces of content, including the opening of an all-new raid. Rather than release the still-in-production patch notes, Blizzard decided to release a “Survival Guide” trailer that goes over each of the major additions. While the trailer doesn’t even run for three minutes, it does give a great visual for players to look forward to. For instance, a quick shot of the calendar provides hints at upcoming mini-holidays.

Here’s a short list of the focuses of patch 7.1.5 along with what content will be added:

  • Class Changes
  • Mists of Pandaria Timewalking
  • Brawler’s Guild
  • Micro-Holidays
  • Nighthold Raid Prep

Other smaller additions coming in patch 7.1.5 include new Legendary items, an updated Blade’s Edge arena, and changes to learning Artifact Knowledge on alts. Blizzard also provided deeper looks into Mists of Pandaria Timewalking, the Brawler’s Guild, and Micro-Holidays for players who would like more information.

The Nighthold Raid opening – perhaps the biggest event associated with World of Warcraft‘s 7.1.5  patch – won’t be unlocking the same day as the patch goes live. As is standard practice for Blizzard’s raid launches, the Nighthold will go live one week after the patch, in this case on January 17. And again as is Blizzard’s standard practice, it won’t unlock fully. Nighthold’s various difficulties will unlock in waves as is appropriate for the amount of players to be participating.

January 17 will see the the full Normal and Heroic versions of Nighthold unlock. One week later, Mythic difficult will unlock as well as the first wing of the Raid Finder difficulty. Each consequent two weeks will see another wing of Raid Finder open, with four wing’s available in total. That means all Nighthold content won’t be fully available until March 7. Perhaps that’s a bit excessive, but for Legion‘s second major raid, a raid much larger than Emerald Nightmare, Blizzard likely wants the spotlight to linger here as long as possible.

As for Legion‘s future, Blizzard has already unveiled 7.2 which opens the Tomb of Sargeras raid. Blizzard hasn’t given a timeframe for Tomb of Sargeras’ launch, but it’s likely to be quite a ways off. If Nighthold, Legion‘s second major raid, took a bit longer than four months to be released, then Tomb of Sargeras will be at least that far off from now. Standard procedure would be for this third raid to be pushed off even further, to give the expansion longevity, but Blizzard’s since promised more content faster, so perhaps gamers can expect it sooner than later.

World of Warcraft is now available on PC, along with its latest expansion Legion. Patch 7.1.5 will arrive on January 10, with the Nighthold raid beginning to open on January 17.