'World of Tanks' is Rolling Onto Xbox One in 2015

We've been spending a lot of our tank warfare hours in the Battleline: Steel Warfare lately, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten about the free-to-play tank game that hooked audiences back in 2011 (and even made our list of best tank levels). World of Tanks launched with a problematic pay-to-win model, but has since made some changes and greatly improved the odds for players who aren't dropping real-world dollars into the experience. The improved marketplace, along with the Xbox 360 version, has made World of Tanks a fan-favorite over the last year. Pretty soon, current-gen console owners will see what all the buzz is about too.

Following the 2014 Xbox 360 port, the free-to-play game will finally be making an appearance on the Xbox One in 2015. Wargaming announced the upcoming port in the YouTube video above. The trailer doesn't offer a specific release window, aside from sometime in 2015, but it did confirm some exciting features that Xbox One players can expect to experience when the game does launch later this year.

The most exciting announcement (aside from the port itself) is the inclusion of cross-play between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions. The two games share a common battle server and simultaneous content updates, so players will be able to battle with and against any other Xbox player. The release will also include a smooth transition for players upgrading from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. If that weren't enough, all Xbox 360 in-game progress will transfer seamlessly to the upcoming Xbox One version of the game.

World of Tanks Explosion

The Xbox 360 version of World of Tanks has already been downloaded over 5.4 million times since its February 2014 launch. The Xbox One version will be free to all Xbox Gold members, so we will likely see millions of downloads again when the new port is released.

So far, the Xbox One hasn't offered the most exciting free-to-play games. Killer Instinct was a strong launch title, and the appeal of the rotating seasonal characters brought in plenty of revenue for the game, but the challenging fighting game is a bit too niche to suck in the average gamer. World of Tanks is definitely difficult, but does offer a fun, action-packed online experience that might draw more people in than a frustratingly difficult fighting game. We'll be interested to see if World of Tanks paves the way for more free-to-play games on the Xbox One.

Do you plan to download World of Tanks when the Xbox One port is released? What do you think of the game's revised marketplace? Let us know in the comments.

World of Tanks will release on Xbox One in 2015.

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