Watch the Sephiroth Summon in World of Final Fantasy


Publisher and developer Square Enix releases a cutscene revealing the summon of Final Fantasy 7's main villain Sephiroth in the forthcoming World of Final Fantasy.

It's been quite a while since World of Final Fantasy was officially announced last year at E3 2015, but it seems as if the game's development is still right on schedule, as Square Enix recently showcased the upcoming title for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita at a Tokyo Game Show 2016 stage event. Perhaps the most interesting portion of the panel for the release revolved around the reveal of the cutesy chibi version of Final Fantasy 7's primary antagonist with a cutscene focused on Sephiroth's summon.

As seen in the clip for World of Final Fantasy below, the One Winged Angel can be called upon to come to the assistance of players as he uses what appears to be his Meteor attack to crash into the planet in a fiery explosion. There's no telling how much damage will be dealt out after Sephiroth's mathematical summoning of the massive meteor hits the ground, but considering that he's one of the most notoriously powerful bad guys in gaming history, it's safe to say the move packs a wallop.


For those unaware, in order to receive Sephiroth as a summon in World of Final Fantasy, they must first pre-order the game. Bearing that in mind, with the title's release date just being a little more than a month from now, if fans want to utilize the might of the Man in the Black Cape, they should hurry to reserve their copy of the title, as Square Enix has not confirmed whether or not Sephiroth will go on to be available to those who haven't secured a copy before launch.

Of course, fans looking forward to the impending release of World of Final Fantasy would do well to pre-order the game if only to ensure their ability to use the Sephiroth summon a few weeks from now once the title's live. Naturally, though, there's always a possibility of a postponement occurring, especially if the recent delay of Final Fantasy 15 has any bearing on the development process of World of Final Fantasy. However, a hold up for the latter title seems unlikely at this point in time, but one never knows.


At any rate, according to World of Final Fantasy's director Hiroki Chiba, the game's release is set to signify and help celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the RPG franchise as a whole. With that being the case, should the latest video for World of Final Fantasy excite fans of the series, they can also commemorate the games in their entirety — particularly FF 7 — by also purchasing a Sephiroth figure from Play Arts Kai. Obviously, it's not mandatory, nor will it aid in any actual gameplay, but it would make a nice addition to any dedicated Final Fantasy collector or completionist's set of memorabilia.

What did you think about the Sephiroth summon cutscene for World of Final Fantasy? Does it give you an incentive to pre-order the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

World of Final Fantasy is set to become available on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on October 25, 2016 in North America, with a Japanese release occurring on October 27, 2016, and a European launch following on October 28, 2016.

Source: Nova Crystallis — YouTube

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