Capcom Unveils 'World Gone Sour,' a Puzzle Platformer Featuring Sour Patch Kids

With an overabundance of games and movies based on popular media, one has to assume that the industry as a whole will reach a certain level of “adaptation saturation” wherein original properties would begin to resurface. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to reach that level, and instead entertainment folk have begun looking to any established brand for inspiration.

Which brings us to World Gone Sour, a downloadable title that is based on the somewhat popular Sour Patch Kids candy. In World Gone Sour, players will be in control of a lost Sour Patch Kid, who must travel through our natural world in order to get home.

Published by Capcom, World Gone Sour is a title that is meant for young adults and teens, but is sure to tickle the fancy of anybody who holds a certain fondness for Sour Patch Kids. The game promises a ton of Movie Theater and candy-based references in the way of levels, puzzles, and enemies.  As you can see from the gallery above, the Sour Patch Kids are experiencing the natural world from their own viewpoint, almost like Toy Soldiers.

In celebration of the game’s announcement, Capcom has teamed up with rapper Method Man to create a song and music video inspired by World Gone Sour. Check it out below:


Okay, I’m not really sure what I just witnessed, but I know as a fan of Sour Patch Kids (or as I like to call them, Sour Patch Children) that I’m intrigued. And the fact that rapper Method Man decided to dedicate a song to this sour-then-sweet treat has to mean there’s something to this game.

On top of the Method Man song, World Gone Sour also features narration by Creed Bratton (who plays Creed on The Office) as our lost Sour Patch kid ventures through the world of humans. Along the way Bratton will provide quips and snack-based tidbits for players to enjoy, kind of like the narrator in Bastion.

Are you enough of a fan of Sour Patch Kids to be interested in playing a video game based on them? What do you think of World Gone Sour (the music video and the video game concept)?

World Gone Sour is heading to the PC this Winter, and will then be transitioning to Xbox Live and the PSN in the Spring. The downloadable title will retail for $4.99.

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