World of Darkness MMO Rumored to Be Unveiled Soon

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One of the very few MMOs (other than Guild Wars) I have ever spent any significant amount of time with is EVE Online, CCP's space faring magnum opus. Other than the announcement of their spin-off title, DUST 514, CCP has been very quiet about any new games it plans on bringing to the market. Hopefully all that is about to change with World of Darkness.

A few years ago, CCP Games announced that they will be working with a brand new IP in their MMO iteration of White Wolf's long running World of Darkness pen-and-paper RPG series. This was welcome news, especially considering they have been working on a single game, EVE Online, since it launched in May 2003.

In a recent interview, the Community Developer for CCP/White Wolf, Shane DeFreest has stated the following regarding plans for their fan event The Grand Masquerade:

"The big news that I can't really give [too] many details on is that we've got something really big we want to show our fans first. Friday at sundown is where we give everyone the first look at the future of the World of Darkness. If you have been a fan of our games for two months or two decades you won't want to miss what we have to say."

This may very well mean that somewhere between September 23-26 we might get our first details on CCP's only foray into another series in the 13 years since they founded. It's all very exciting. The amount of funding and experience that CCP has available to pour into this game is reason enough to keep an eye out for World of Darkness news, because if they can do with the fantasy genre what they have done with outer space, we might finally see an original fantasy MMO, as opposed to another World of Warcraft ripoff.

What do you think? I personally don't know much about the world of World of Darkness, but I have no doubt that CCP Games will polish this title to perfection. In an internet full of dozens and dozens of perfectly acceptable MMOs, are you still able to muster up some excitement for this one?

Source: Flames Rising (via Massively)

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