Following a Bayonetta Nintendo Switch port tease earlier this week, Platinum Games appears to be teasing The Wonderful 101 on Nintendo Switch via its new Japanese Twitter account as well. Platinum launched its new account on July 2 with a Bayonetta Switch teaser featuring the heroine, both her classic and sequel looks, on red and blue backgrounds. Red and blue are of course the colors of Nintendo’s JoyCons. Now a new teaser image points towards a Switch port of The Wonderful 101.

The latest image from Platinum Games is another official piece of art made to promote the company’s new Japanese Twitter account, with the art featuring three characters, Wonder Green on the left, Wonder Black in the middle with his signature headphones, and a Wonderful 101 version of game director Hideki Kamiya on the right. The three together are playing a game, which is clearly a blurred look at The Wonderful 101 on Nintendo Switch controllers.

For those unfamiliar with the qualities of The Wonderful 101, it is a isometric action-adventure game where the player wields a veritable army of miniature superheroes to battle increasingly large enemies. Being a Wii U exclusive, players use the Wii U tablet to draw shapes which cause the Wonderful 101 to Unite Morph into giant weapons. It is is a crazy, comic book-esque action game that’s increasingly silly and exciting.

The Wonderful 101 Port for Nintendo Switch Teased by Platinum Games - Full

As a Wii U exclusive, however, The Wonderful 101 had trouble finding an audience. Despite generally positive reviews from critics, The Wonderful 101 carried with it a negative perception due to Wii U tablet frustrations. Director Hideki Kamiya also voiced on Twitter that The Wonderful 101‘s marketing wasn’t particularly strong, clearly believing the game’s reception never matched up to its potential.

While a Nintendo Switch port of The Wonderful 101 is not at all official at this point, there’s plenty of opportunity in such a project. The Wonderful 101 launched outside of the Wii U’s initial flurry of platform sales, whereas the Switch’s success is anticipated to continue for the foreseeable future. More than that, Switch owners are clearly excited for more content on the platform. Both The Wonderful 101 and the two Bayonetta games would be certain to find an audience on the Switch.

The Wonderful 101 launched in August 2013 exclusively for the Wii U. If news regarding a Nintendo Switch port is forthcoming, expect an update in the weeks or months to come.

Source: Platinum Games – Twitter