Woman Breaks Into Homes, Steals Chinese Takeout and PlayStation

Woman steals Chinese food PlayStation console Virginia

A woman from Fredericksburg, Virginia has been arrested after breaking into two homes and stealing Chinese food and a PlayStation console. The woman has admitted to burglarizing four homes, with three of those being in the very same area.

The Stafford County Sheriff's Department reports that on May 7, it got two separate calls about home burglaries in the Pilot Knob Loop area. In one of the homes, the suspect broke in and stole the Chinese food from the fridge before home security footage saw her going through a purse. A second home, also in the Pilot Knob Loop area, was burgled that night and this time the suspect stole the homeowner's son's PlayStation console as well as some PS4 games.

It didn't take long for Stafford County police to apprehend the suspect. Witnesses were able to identify the suspect as Summer Davis, 26, and on May 9, police showed up at Davis' property with a search warrant. A search of the property found the console and the other stolen items and Davis later admitted to having burgled three homes in Pilot Knob Loop and one on Malvern Hill Court. Davis was taken into custody on the charges of burglary, petit larceny, grand larceny, and obtaining money by false pretenses, and was put into Rappahannock Regional Jail without bond.


Somehow, the story of a Stafford County thief who steals takeout and games consoles isn't the only strange theft reported by police this year. It also isn't the only report about a child's games console being stolen. This week, a Florida man got five years in prison for stealing a boy's Nintendo Switch after being caught on camera wearing his work shirt.

Before that, a suspect was caught on camera stealing a Nintendo Switch from a hotel room while the occupiers were out. The owner of that Nintendo Switch was a young boy who was in surgery.

There have been many other reports about consoles being stolen. From children being held at gunpoint while gangs of masked thieves steal the consoles from their homes to serial thieves hitting up several houses in a neighborhood to leave them all without games consoles.

Video games and consoles are expensive and popular and thieves are always going to be on the lookout for those that they can steal. However, this may give some worried console owners a reason to install security cameras just to be safe.

Source: Fredericksburg Today

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