10 Pro Tips For Wolfenstein Youngblood You Should Know

Bethesda decided to shake things up with the Wolfenstein franchise by releasing the co-op adventure Wolfenstein Youngblood. While it stays true to the familiar Wolfenstein formula there are some notable differences and RPG elements that affect gameplay.

There are a number of tips and tricks players can follow that can make the liberation of Paris an easier to swallow challenge. While there are some differences between playing the game with a friend in true co-op fashion or tackling it solo with an A.I. much of the following advice should serve either fairly well.

10 Abby’s To-Do List

Part of progressing quickly and ensuring you can rise to the challenge is raising both your character and weapon’s levels. This requires some steep investments of experience and silver to achieve so having a source of both outside the main story is critical.

Abby’s quests are great for scoring some extra points or hard coin. Typically they require the player perform missions in specific ways, use certain weapons, and so on. For the harder challenges it pays to replay a simpler mission to score some of those bonuses but doing these while playing the game is a low effort way to beef up your characters and weapons.

9 Catacomb Side Quests

In addition to Abby’s quests there are a number of side missions players can be hired for by the NPC’s in the catacombs. Ability points is key to becoming dangerous in this game and side quests are your bread and butter for racking up those points.

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The mission can get dangerous so it’s advised to milk the early ones for everything they’re worth by cleaning out each area. Balance your time between completing these side missions and grinding Abby’s quests and you’ll find your level climbing in no time.

8 Stay On The Move

This game has a lot of similarities to another Bethsda classic, Dishonored, which gave the player the means to complete missions in a variety of plays and a lot of mobility. Wolfenstein Youngblood runs with this concept and even has the enemies accounting for your ability to mobilize, whether you utilize it or not.

Keeping this in mind it’s important for you to stay mobile and constantly be using the environment when facing down enemies. Slide, climb, double jump, and duck behind objects to make it harder for your opponents to hit you and give you a chance to get the drop on them.

7 Die To Live

Dying in any game is terrible and Wolfenstein Youngblood is no exception as you’ll find yourself restarting the level if both you and your sister die. When you’re both on the ground dying you have the option to quickly burn out your life meter and die using up one of your shared lives and getting back in the fight.

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It’s not an ideal scenario as you still used a shared life but it beats both of you dying and returning to the beginning of the level. Of course you should always try to get the free revival from the teammate or A.I., but if things look bad don’t be afraid to use it if you have spares.

6 Supersoldat Hunter

The melee combat in this game is surprisingly efficient. At times you’ll find a well placed melee attack can put an enemy down or do serious damage, especially if you’ve been investing in the Muscle skill tree.

One ability in particular that any player should strive for is the Supersoldat Hunter. It’s a melee/stealth ability that allows you to kill the more powerful Supersoldat enemies with a single stealth attack. It’s a great way to whittle down groups or to save yourself some bullets in a pinch and is too helpful to ignore.

5 Match Ammo With Shields

Wolfenstein Youngblood has an interesting game mechanic that incentivizes players to use particular ammo types against specific enemies. This means that two players should be using different weapons in order to ensure that every enemy type is covered and solo players should be stocking up on multiple ammo types and carrying a variety of weapons to handle any issue.

The game makes things easy by displaying which ammo type you should use, but in the middle of a firefight it’s easy to forget and waste your shotgun ammo when you should have been using rifle so keep an eye on it and don’t forget to switch.

4 Save Your Skills And Explore

Skill points and ammo are invaluable and many games greatly reward the player for using some of their skill points to obtain more ammo. Many players can make that mistake in Wolfenstein Youngblood, but in reality it’s a waste.

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Ammo is everywhere if you spend a little time looking for it and often your skill points will net you other advantages like better damage or survivability which negates the need for more ammo anyway. So save your skill points for better things and just take a minute to look around or set aside time to farm ammo, it won’t take long.

3 Cloak & Crush

The game emphasizes the importance of co-op by giving each sister a unique set of skills and starting abilities. Cloak is an ability necessary for stealthing which is great for taking down a unit or two before the bullets start flying. Crush on the other hand is needed for various puzzles and less subtle attacks.

It’s very helpful, especially for solo players, to grab both abilities as quickly as possible. Crush starters will be gain the opportunistic kills against players in stealth and Cloak starters will be able to solve puzzles without waiting on a teammate. Save up the five points and buy the other main ability, it’s worth it.

2 Pep It Up

A controversial element of the game are the cheesy Pep Signals that the sisters can flash each other. Using emotes like Thumbs Up, Metal Horns, or Fist Bumps you can trigger helpful buffs to things like health, armor and damage.

Yes flashing each other Metal Horns in the middle of a fight to the death against hostile Nazis is as obnoxious and ridiculous as it sounds, but there’s no denying the benefits so get used to it.

1 Plan Ahead With Abilities/Upgrades

Being an RPG your character's abilities and your weapon's upgrades are going to determine your ability to survive and successfully bring down enemies. If you don’t have some kind of a plan you’ll find yourself wasting abilities on things that don’t improve your playstyle or coins getting sunk into weapons that you’ll be trading out later.

That’s not to say you should pull up a spreadsheet and run complex calculations to ensure not a single silver is wasted, but glancing at the more expensive upgrades/abilities and frugally buying your way towards them is going to pay off big time in the  later, harder parts of the game.

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