Wolfenstein: Youngblood Ending Explained

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Wolfenstein: Youngblood has been out in the world for a little less than a week, and it already has fans excited about the prospect of where the next iteration of the series will go. The premise of Wolfenstein: Youngblood takes place 20 years after the events of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus and puts players in the shoes of series protagonist BJ Blazkowicz' twin daughters, Jess and Soph, on the hunt for their father in Nazi-occupied Paris. The Wolfenstein series is known for its outlandish alternate history focused around the events of WWII, but it looks like things might be getting worse for the Blazkowicz family, as Youngblood ends with a hint towards the end of the world - the apocalypse.

Developer MachineGames has moved away from the linear approach of previous iterations, creating the largest game that the team has ever made. Wolfenstein: Youngblood changes up the formula of the series by introducing cooperative play for the first time, and, when compared to what fans are used to, the end product is something else entirely  - a cooperative FPS inspired by open-world looter-shooters such as Destiny or The Division.

So, how exactly have the Blazkowicz twins brought upon the end of the world? Warning, there are major story spoilers ahead for the ending of Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

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Taking place in Nazi-occupied Paris, Jess and Soph Blazkowicz travel to Nu-Paris in search of their father, alongside their friend Abby Walker - daughter of The New Colossus's Grace Walker who is now the leader of the FBI. The twins come in contact with the French Resistance and help Juju and Jacques, two members of the resistance, by hacking into the computers of three Nazi towers that will ultimately gain them access to Lab X - the location BJ is believed to be held at.

After reviewing information gained from the three "Brother" towers, Abby discovers that Jacques real name is General Lothar, a disgraced Nazi General whose plan is to create the Fourth Reich and use mysterious technology, located in "Lab-X," to bring about Doomsday. When the two are discovered, Juju and Lothar flee to the Siegturm, the name of the Eiffel Tower in Wolfenstein, but not before attempting to kill the twins and stabbing Abby in the left eye.

The twins make their way to "Lab-X, and find their father, BJ Blazkowicz, alive and well. BJ reveals that after killing Hitler, he accidentally activated a doomsday device that would render the Earth uninhabitable, and thus he came to "Lab-X" to find the second piece of the God Key and to stop the events that he put into motion back in the 1960s. Using the God Key, BJ discovered the existence of multiple dimensions, getting a glimpse at an alternate reality where the Nazi's lost WWII. The twins leave to go after Lothar, but not before BJ breaks the key apart and uses the two pieces to upgrade the twins' suits, giving them the ability to deflect bullets.

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The final confrontation takes place at Siegturm, where the twins, accompanied by BJ and Grace Walker, kill both Lothar and Juju. Jess, Soph, and Abby are put in charge of Nu-Paris, while Grace and BJ travel the globe to rally their allies together against the threat of the Fourth Reich. Gathering as much of the God Key technology as they can, Jess and Soph prepare to defend Nu-Paris from the apocalypse, with Abby stating, “if the nazis are going to take the skies than so shall we.”

The ending of Wolfenstein: Youngblood hints that although Lothar was defeated, the Fourth Reich is in possession of technology that has the ability to create dramatic changes in the weather and natural disasters that threaten to destroy the world. It's currently unclear whether this ending will tie directly into Wolfenstein 3, or whether Youngblood will have its own spin-off series, however, the premise of a Fourth Reich and the end of the world is an interesting one.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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