In the world of first-person shooters, the name ‘Wolfenstein‘ isn’t exactly synonymous with ‘stealth.’ Since the original game, loud weaponry and a suicidal lust for carnage have been the series’ trademarks. But to show that Wolfenstein: The New Order will be bringing more than just out of control carnage, the developers at MachineGames have released a new gameplay trailer showing two distinct approaches to the same mission. Will you be a player favoring the ‘Tactile’ approach – or embrace ‘Mayhem’?

All things considered, it’s wise of Bethesda to show off more than just the bullet-fueled action of The New Order; after the previously released gameplay videos showed that the game would waste no time in dropping players into the battle, it seemed the game might forgo nuance in favor of Duke Nukem-esque machismo. Luckily, this gameplay footage suggests that the developers may have targeted the best of both worlds: give players craving a bloodthirsty Blazkowicz there carnage, but offer a more… refined route for those seeking additional challenge.

It seems harder to pin down exactly what to expect from The New Order with every new asset or detail of the game released. The quirky yet gruesome Nazi storyline seems to be dripping with attitude – not the kind which made Duke Nukem Forever such a disappointment – and the cinematic cut-scenes released have been unexpected, to say the least. Now, it seems the gameplay may be just as much of a mystery as well.

Wolfenstein New Order Stealth Mayhem Gameplay

It’s probably unwise to get too excited that MachineGames may have managed to find a unique and worthwhile direction for the Wolfenstein series from here on out, but that doesn’t mean fans can’t keep an eye on the game as launch approaches. If nothing else, The New Order will also bring with it Beta access to the unannounced next-gen DOOM, making the game something of an easy purchase for old school shooter fans with money to burn on a rush of nostalgia.

There are still clear concerns – like the lack of a targeting reticule in the video, or how players will be able to tell that some missions are capable of being approached with stealth, as opposed to all-out assaults – but hopefully more marketing prior to release will help make the goals of the developers clear.

What do you think of the gameplay video? Are you convinced the developers are giving equal attention to the stealthy side of gameplay, or do you think Wolfenstein: The New Order is more likely to be a mindless gore-fest? Be sure to share your hopes or concerns in the comments.


Wolfenstein: The New Order releases May 23 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC.

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