Wolfenstein: The New Colossus Teased by Voice Actor

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Brian Bloom, the voice of B.J Blazkowicz in Wolfenstein: The New Order, hints at sequel Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, suggesting that Bethesda is working on it right now.

During its E3 press conference back in June, Bethesda sent the Internet spinning when it appeared to tease a new Wolfenstein game. A cmd.exe screen that featured several Bethesda releases, including Wolfenstein 3D and Wolfenstein: The New Order, also listed something called 'New Colossus.' Unfortunately, New Colossus, which didn't have an official release date attached to it on the cmd.exe screen, wasn't officially revealed during the press conference as many had hoped, though fans been patiently waiting for more news ever since.

It seems that Bethesda is still not ready to reveal the game just yet, but that hasn't stopped Brian Bloom, who voiced The New Order lead B.J Blazkowicz, from teasing it. In an interview with TwoLeftSticks, Bloom says that the title was "hinted at in a cool way." The voice actor also acknowledges that the Wolfenstein teaser "sparked a bit of a wildfire," also suggesting that "we're working on that as we speak."

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While Bloom's comments are tantalizing, this isn't the first time that a Wolfenstein: The New Order sequel has been teased. Just a month after the game's release, creative director Jens Mathies said that developer MachineGames would 'love' to do a New Order sequel.

In September 2015, the voice actor behind Anya, Alicja Bachleda-Curuś, told a Polish television station that a new Wolfenstein game is in the works and will be released in two more years. That would put the release date of the New Colossus as fall 2017, seeing the game compete with Rockstar Games' much-hyped epic Red Dead Redemption 2.

That's some seriously tough competition for the Bethesda game, so perhaps New Colossus' initial release date will be pushed in order to avoid the Western heavyweight. It's also worth noting that Bethesda is considering hosting another E3 showcase in 2017, so it's possible that the company will lift the lid on New Colossus then.

Sadly, despite the new Wolfenstein game having a name, a (potential) release window and a plausible announcement date, there's not much to go on regarding its actual content. In the interview, Bloom also mentions Anya and B.J's relationship, saying that it's B.J "attempting to give redemption to the dream lost" even if marriage, children, and "living in a free world" are "idealistic." The game could further look into that relationship and explore who B.J is, then, but that's just speculation at this point and it will be down to Bethesda to confirm.

Source: TwoLeftSticks

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