Bethesda has treated the Nintendo Switch very well so far, with high profile ports of Skyrim and DOOM bringing in plenty of mature action to Nintendo’s portable console. The company revealed via Twitter today that this trend is continuing in good health, as Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is officially being ported over to the Nintendo Switch in partnership with Panic Button. The studio has already aided developers by porting over both DOOM and Rocket League, making Panic Button a suitable studio for porting Wolfenstein 2.

While Bethesda had previously confirmed that Wolfenstein 2 would eventually make its way over to the Nintendo Switch, the company had provided no details on who would be porting over the game or when the title would arrive. The latter is still up in the air for now, although the official Bethesda announcement tweet did promise that more Switch-related Wolfenstein 2 news would be coming soon.

Gamers can take a look at the tweet itself below:

Nintendo has already stated that the company is open to more mature games appearing on the Nintendo Switch, and titles like The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Plus have already found a successful home on the portable unit.  With other titles like Dark Souls on the way, it’s clear that Nintendo has put in ample effort to capture a demographic that its previous consoles tended to miss – though only time will tell if the future mature releases will all be ports, too. For now, Wolfenstein 2 slots into Nintendo’s ever-expanding mature games category quite nicely.

The Nazi-punching shooter stirred up plenty of controversy as it neared its late 2017 release date, especially when it satirized media coverage of alt-right media personality Richard Spencer and simultaneously made fun of Trump’s campaign slogan. Despite its political tones and the fact that the plot of the game picks up after the events of the first title, it’s not necessary for gamers to have played through the first game in order to understand the second. When in doubt, the general theme is that Nazis are bad. It’s not a hard concept to follow – and it’s one should lead gamers to a third Wolfenstein game.

Source: Bethesda