The Besthesda press conference won’t begin until tomorrow, so it seems like online shopping website Amazon has once again jumped the gun when it comes to posting an as-yet unannounced game. Today, Amazon’s German arm has accidentally listed Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, a game which MachineGames and Bethesda have been working on for at least 2 years but have yet to formally reveal.

Given how well-received the first title was, producing Wolfenstein 2 is a real no-brainer for Besthesda – and if the retail listing is accurate in its October 27 release date, fans won’t have much longer to wait for it, either.

The short gap between tomorrow’s potential announcement and the unconfirmed release date fall in line with Bethesda director Todd Howard’s mandate to shorten the time between game announcements and releases, lending some credence to the otherwise detail-barren listings. Amazon has created listings for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 editions of Wolfenstein 2, implying that those who wish to go hunting nazis won’t be able to do so with the Nintendo Switch. Moreover, those listings have since been removed, which is a good sign for their validity but a bad sign for Amazon.

Wolfenstein 2 Amazon Listing

Todd Howard teased the sequel a few months ago by calling it “F—ing bananas”, and with a name like The New Colossus we can only imagine that gamers will be taking on some sizable Nazi contraptions in the official Wolfenstein sequel. Bethesda’s press invitation seemed to imply that two unannounced games would be revealed, leaving only one new title left to discover if the Amazon leak proves accurate. Many have speculated on a sequel to The Evil Within, though an entirely new IP isn’t out of the question.

This is the second game in two days to have its release date leaked ahead of E3 2017, with Assassin’s Creed Origins also poised to launch on October 27. With companies under heavy scrutiny as they prepare massive marketing campaigns for games to be announced over the next several days, the likelihood of leaks increases drastically – and there’s a historical precedent to indicate the E3 season may not have seen its last leak yet. We’ll keep you posted if more gaming news gets leaked ahead of E3 2017 itself.

Since this Amazon listing hasn’t been commented on by either Bethesda or MachineGames, the information in the listings should be taken with a grain of salt for the time being.

If these postings are accurate, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus will launch October 27, 2017, for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Amazon