It’s a fact now realized by every fan of adventure (or simply story-driven) video games: Telltale Games is damn good at adapting comic book universes into interactive experiences. With The Walking Dead proving their talents, it’s been their adaptation of the “Fables” graphic novel The Wolf Among Us that has shown they don’t need the threat of a zombie horde to build tension and player investment. And critics across the industry are making their voices heard.

If any adventure gamers suspected that The Walking Dead was a one-time hit, or curious gamers have held off from playing Wolf Among Us due to the absence of the undead, Telltale has released a new trailer hoping to sway the undecided, and swell that curiosity into a purchase.

Featuring footage from the first three episodes along with critical praise (specifically, in regards to Episode 3: A Crooked Mile, our review of which you can read here), the trailer makes one thing clear: whatever the art style or source material might imply, this detective story is as mature as it gets.

Wolf Among Us Praise Trailer

Those who have kept up with our reviews of the episodic series know that Episode 1 was enough to show just how high fans’ hopes could rise (read our review), while the follow-up showed that the studio’s writers were clearly enjoying the push and pull of a solid whodunnit as much as any of the players (read that review here). It’s still unclear exactly where the series will head before it reaches it conclusion, and whether protagonist Bigby Wolf will be able to control his animal side for much longer.

And no, we’re not referring to video of Bigby enacting the animation of an exotic dancer that’s been making the rounds (well, not just that):

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead from the studio, adventure games with a darker tone, or simply good old-fashioned detective stories, we hope that this trailer – paired with our own recommendation – will have you leaping into the wild world of The Wolf Among Us before long.

If you have been keeping up with the series, what do you think of the critical praise? Is it well-deserved, or do you have some issues with specific episodes? Sound off in the comments.


The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3, ‘A Crooked Mile,’ is available now for PC and Mac, with Xbox 360, PS3 and iOS versions coming soon. Read our review here.

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