As a follow-up to their wildly popular and critically-lauded downloadable adaptation, The Walking Dead, developer Telltale Games have selected Bill Willingham’s seminal graphic novel series “Fables”. The series imagines a world where fairy tale characters have fled their iconic homelands, and live amongst us regular folk.

However, while they may be fairy tale characters, the stars of Willingham’s books deal with both ordinary and extraordinary problems. And so the task befalls Bigby Wolf (the comic’s version of the big bad wolf) to help his fellow fantasy characters out – hence the game’s title: The Wolf Among Us.

That’s basically “Fables” in a nutshell, and it looks like Telltale Games‘ forthcoming title will be mirroring those core ideas. In a full preview spread at Game Informer, the trade gives players a decent sense of what they can expect from The Wolf Among Us. They also have a few new screenshots (seen above) for The Wolf Among Us, which better illustrate (pun intended) how Telltale is bringing the comic’s 2D world to life.

While the game has an air of The Walking Dead about it in terms of its hand drawn style and rough outlines, The Wolf Among Us still has a style that well represents its source material. That being said, the gameplay appears to be very much influenced by The Walking Dead, playing almost like an interactive movie. Apparently Telltale has found its niche, and with a well-liked property they can do wonders with it.

Like with The Walking Dead, Telltale is looking to carve their own path, and tell a story that precludes the comics. So rather than a direct adaptation, The Wolf Among Us is a unique story that features some of the graphic novel’s fan-favorite characters.

The Wolf Among Us plays almost like a murder mystery, but as Bigby Wolf attempts to solve the crime he must also contend with each fairy tale character’s secret identity. The game also promises to delve deeper into the relationship between Snow White and Bigby Wolf, which is a highlight of the comics.

To learn more about The Wolf Among Us make sure to read Game Informer‘s full preview, which includes an interview with lead designer Ryan Kaufman.

What do you think of The Wolf Among Us‘ look? Do you think Telltale Games will be able to bring the Fables comic book to life?

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 should hit digital distribution channels within the next few months.

Source: Game Informer