The Wolf Among Us fans have been eagerly awaiting news regarding the highly anticipated Season 2 for the fairy-tale based noir game, and many fans were fooled by some recently “leaked” screenshots that were supposedly from the game. The screenshots were later confirmed fake by Telltale Games, to the relief of many The Wolf Among Us fans.

The fake screenshots showed a redesigned Bigby Wolf, one that is more heavyset and ultimately less like the gritty detective that many fans came to love in the first season. Many fans speculated that the new look was a result of the new Telltale game engine that is being developed. The new engine is supposedly for all of Telltale’s future projects, so The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 may be on that list as well.

The Wolf Among Us Season 2 Bigby Wolf Redesign Fake

While many fans initially believed the screenshots to be legit, Telltale’s Scott Butterworth officially confirmed that the images were, in fact, not from Telltale. Butterworth stated that the images were likely something a fan created. It wouldn’t come as a surprise since many fans have been dying to hear more about the upcoming second season for the game, which was recently delayed until 2019.

The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 was announced last year during Telltale’s Summer update, which gave fans confirmation that Bigby’s tale would continue with Telltale. For those unaware, The Wolf Among Us is based on Bill Willingham’s Fables comic book series, which gives Telltale a lot of material to work with. While not a direct adaptation, The Wolf Among Us serves as a good introduction to the characters that Willingham adapted for his series.

While no new The Wolf Among Us news is certainly a bummer, many fans are happy that the redesigned Bigby is a fake. Hopefully Telltale will give eager The Wolf Among Us fans some news about Bigby’s next chapter soon.

The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 will release in 2019. No platforms have been officially confirmed.

Source: Resetera