‘The Wolf Among Us’ Now On iOS; New Trailer Goes Behind The Scenes

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The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 Review

They say that sometimes, following up on a success can be harder than attaining it in the first place. But if that’s true, then Telltale Games has proven the exception, taking the momentum gained by their acclaimed adaptation of The Walking Dead and setting to work on the “Fables” series, beginning with The Wolf Among Us.

PC and home console owners have had the chance to play the first episode of the series, ‘Faith,’ but now owners of iOS devices can join in on the fun as well – and drop their jaws along with the rest of us.

The first episode costs the same as ever – $4.99, with the following episodes available grouped for $19.99 – and goes on sale today, December 5, 2013.

To celebrate the new launch on platforms (and perhaps help fuel sales for those who might’ve missed the series’ debut), the studio has released a brand new developer diary titled ‘Exploring the World of Fables.’ Going behind the scenes with the development team, the video delivers a quick pitch on the basic premise, teasing a new spin on the choices and consequences that have The Walking Dead players more than a little invested in Season 2.

Take a look:

It’s a little strange that Telltale would choose to release the trailer now, and not before The Wolf Among Us first went on sale. The game’s launch trailer made its tone and maturity evident, and this video goes into even greater detail on the differences players will notice now that zombies have been replaced by fairy tale characters.

Rather than making choices of life and death, or operating in constant fear of a zombie attack, The Wolf Among Us‘ structure as a classic detective story with Bigby Wolf at its heart grants a much slower burn. Decisions now shape the character himself, not just how many characters will live to see another day.

For those owners of iOS devices who are considering picking up the episodic series’ first entry, our review will certainly remove any doubt. But with addictive gameplay and a cliffhanger for the ages, be warned: the wait for Episode 2 will be an excruciating one.


The Wolf Among Us: Episode One, titled “Faith,” is available now for PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3 and iOS devices. The episode costs $4.99, with the full season order costing just $19.99.

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