‘The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4’ Trailer Gets Even Grimmer

By | 2 years ago 

It seems like just yesterday comic book fans were waiting to see how Telltale Games would be adapting Bill Willingham’s “Fables” to video game form, but the fourth episode of The Wolf Among Us is just days away. The first trailer for Episode 4, ‘In Sheep’s Clothing’ has arrived, raising the stakes even higher as Bigby Wolf’s murder investigation seems to be putting several resident of Fabletown in harm’s way.

It goes without saying that those who haven’t yet played Episodes 1-3 will want to stop reading, as plenty of spoilers lie ahead. And as those who have been keeping up with Bigby’s investigation already know, the episodic series’ hero has had one brush with death already. It was the closing moments of Episode 3 that introduced Bloody Mary to the mix (read our review), and it seems that her business with the Big Bad Wolf is far from over – and that she’s hanging onto the Woodsman’s axe for the time being.

The first intriguing screenshots for ‘In Sheep’s Clothing’ hinted that Bigby would once again bring his investigation to the mysterious and secretive Nerissa (‘The Little Mermaid’), and the trailer confirms it. We would like to think that if a savage beating can be patched up with Bigby’s healing factor and some bandages, he would be capable of solving this mystery without a secondary character being sacrificed. However, the trailer warns that things are going to get worse before they get better.

Wolf Among Us Episode 4 Trailer

With just two episodes to go, there’s no question that ‘In Sheep’s Clothing’ will start to bring several of the story lines and conflicts to a head. Since the developers have already managed to deliver a jaw-dropping cliffhanger in Episode 1, a slow burn detective story in Episode 2, and a sizable story twist in Episode 3, it’s hard to guess what they have planned to keep players guessing. But fans can rest assured that they’ll be left feeling like the wait until the season’s end is worse than torture.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 releases on PlayStation 3, PC and Mac on May 27, 2014. It hits the Xbox 360 a day later on May 28, and iOS devices on May 29. Which platforms will you be playing on? Or are you waiting for the series’ conclusion before burning through the entire season? Sound off in the comments, and stay tuned for our review.


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