‘The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3’ Gets a Trailer & Release Date [Updated]

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A bit of bittersweet news has arrived today for fans of Telltale Games‘ most recent comic book adaptation, The Wolf Among Us. After a four-month wait between the first and second chapters of the episodic series, based on Bill Willingham’s “Fables” graphic novel, the developers promised that such a delay wouldn’t become a regular occurrence. But with Episode 2 having released in the first week of February, fans are understandably getting impatient.

Fortunately, a new trailer for Episode 3 – called ‘A Crooked Mile’ – has arrived, promising that the game itself can’t be too far behind. The developers have since revealed a release date of April 8 for the PC, Mac and PS3, with an Xbox 360 and iOS date next week as well. And the trailer may convince fans why they’ve endured the wait thus far.

The trailer is filled with spoilers (at least, those which apply to all branching decisions and story paths) so those who have yet to try their hand at Telltale’s detective story will want to steer clear. And as for the whole ‘not playing this game’… well, read our review of Episode 1 to see why it may even be a better experience than The Walking Dead. The series was marketed as a truly mature product from the beginning, and the trailer for ‘A Crooked Mile’ hints at just what types of depravity and criminals Bigby Wolf may soon have to face in his quest to bring a serial killer to justice.

The series so far has already used it fairy tale cast to highlight the seedy underbelly of Fabletown, with crimes ranging from murder, prostitution, and flat-out torture. The developers have pulled few punches so far (and the game has been better for it), but it looks as though several characters from the first two episodes will be returning to make life harder for Bigby and Snow White. Whether they’re involved with the murder investigation or simply settling old scores isn’t clear, but as much as fans might hate to say it, Telltale’s track record promises that the wait will be worth it.

Wolf Among Us Episode 3 Trailer

Which parts of the episode have gotten your attention? Have you found the leap from zombies to fairy tales worthwhile, or is The Walking Dead still your favorite Telltale adaptation? Sound off in the comments.


The Wolf Among Us: Episode Three – ‘A Crooked Mile’ does not yet have a release date, but is expected to launch on PC, Mac, PS3, Xbox 360 and iOS.