Wizards Unite: Rarest Foundables In The Game (& How Many Fragments Each Require)

Since it’s release Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has become a popular game with a somewhat steep learning curve and lots of grind. Players have been farming the real world for the various foundables and have been learning which ones are harder to find than others.

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It’s becoming apparent that rarity doesn’t necessarily have a correlation with how many fragments it takes to prestige them to a gold level. This can mean that while a foundable is rare it may not take many to complete whereas others will probably be the last ones the player will ever fully prestige.

10 Young Harry Potter

The only entry on this list in the severe rarity category this means Young Harry Potty is the hardest non-emergency foundable the player can find. He’s a member of the Legend Of Hogwarts category and is probably the most iconic foundable in the game.

His specific registry page is Potions Classroom and it takes 59 fragments to prestige his specific foundable to gold level. By far this will be the easiest on this list to prestige, but he still remains in the top ten rarest foundables in the game so it’ll take a while.

9 Rubeus Hagrid

Rubeus Hagrid is the first of the emergency rarity foundables and he belongs to the Care of Magical Creatures group. Specifically, he’s on the Hagrid’s Hut registry. What’s interesting about Hagrid is that he’s more common to find compared to the remaining entries, but his Acromantula Web is surprisingly difficult to disperse.

Data mining has suggested that the average success rate with Hagrid is .3%. So while you’ll come across him more than the other Emergency levels, you might have a harder time farming his 25 fragments then some of the others.

8 Minerva McGonagall

Minerva McGonagall is part of the Moving Staircases group with her specific registry page being Hogwarts Register I. She’s in the iconic attire of a robe and hat that fans have come to recognize and she’s being guarded by the Stone Knight confoundable.

In addition to it being a rare encounter, it’s also a difficult confoundable to banish, averaging a .8% success rate in fact.  Unfortunately, she’s also one of the most demanding foundables, requiring a whopping 4,800 fragments to fully prestige, that’s a lot of grinding.

7 Quidditch Captain Harry Potter

This confoundable is Harry Potter in his Quidditch Captain uniform. It’s in the Magical Games and Sports family on the Triwizard Maze page. He has a .8% success rate which is one of the better on this list, but still abysmal when compared to the vast majority of foundables.

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Fortunately, it won't take as much grinding as the others because it only takes 25 fragments to fully prestige him. Odds are he’ll be one you finish long before a foundable like McGonagall or the latter entries. His confoundable is a Dementor.

6 Quidditch Through The Ages Book

This is an odd entry because it is actually fairly common to find, but because of some quirk or bug is a rare acquisition for players. Part of this might be because of the shockingly low .8% success rate when dispersing the confoundable attached to it. This can be incredibly frustrating as players will get mobbed by this foundable but be unlikely to obtain it.

It’s in the Magical Games and Sports family on the Triwizard Maze page. It only takes 25 fragments, but you’ll be fighting for them.

5 Whomping Willow

This foundable is considered the fifth hardest to find in the game. Still, out of the top five the whomping willow is the most forgiving given it’s a little easier to find and nearly three times as easy to obtain with a .3% success rate.

It’s in the Wonders of the Wizarding World family on the Hogwarts Gate registry page. It’s under attack by a fire confoundable which can make it tricky to free. Fortunately, the player only has to find and free it 25 times to get the necessary fragments to take it to gold prestige.

4 Hermione’s Time Turner

This one is remarkably hard to find and even harder to obtain, which is odd given it’s supposed to be a nonrare foundable. For whatever reason these just don’t appear very much and are brutal to acquire, though this could quickly change in a future update.

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At the moment it has a .3% success rate meaning those thieving pixies are unusually hard to scare off. The Time Turner is in the Mysterious Artefacts category and its registry page is the Room of Requirement III.

3 Tom Riddle

Players are still culling through the clues and details of the game to determine what the story is and how it fits in with the others. Even so, many players have questioned the wisdom in sending Tom Riddle back to his timeline, given he’s about the age that he develops the unhealthy obsession with Horcruxs that leads him down a diabolical path.

Nevertheless saving him from the Inferius is apparently tough as there’s a .1% success rate and this foundable is a hard find. Only 25 fragments are needed, but getting them will be a long, long grind.

2 Newt Scamander

The second most difficult foundable in the game is Newt Scamander. Suffering an attack from a MACUSA Executioner this foundable has been problematic for players because of its .1% success rate. This foundable is in the Magizoology family and it’s registry page is New York City Street.

The player must grind out enough of these to get 25 fragments. Which is an absolute cakewalk when compared to the next entry on this list.

1 Albus Dumbledore

One of the most powerful wizards to have ever existed is in dire need of the player’s help to be freed from  an Inferius. He is by far the rarest encounter in the game and the hardest to solve with a less than .1% success rate.

Not only is he the hardest to find and hardest to save he also requires 4,800 fragments before he’s gold prestige, meaning the player has to successfully free him 4,800 times, keeping in mind the success rate is .1% if you can even find him in the first place. The player will have every other page of foundables to gold prestige long before Albus’s is finished.

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