The Witness Sells Over 100,000 Copies; Xbox One Version Teased

the witness sells 100000 copies xbox one version

Jonathan Blow announces that The Witness has already sold more than 100,000 copies in its first week, and it may be coming to the Xbox One in the near future.

Blow made the announcement in a post entitled "Fun Sales Fakts" on the official The Witness blog, which is a reference to Thekla, the studio that helped Blow develop the game. According to Blow, The Witness has sold more than 100,000 copies across the PC and PS4 in the game's first week, which has in turn helped it generate over $5 million in revenue. The fact that the puzzler managed to achieve that much success despite The Witness being heavily pirated is a testament to just how many honest gamers are interested in giving Blow's incredibly complex IP a try.

Blow notes that, while the game is doing well, the $5 million generated so far doesn't actually completely cover the game's development costs. Given that the game's PSN sales alone far surpassed Blow's last effort, the critically-acclaimed Braid, in a similar time span, Blow is confident he will recoup the massive investment he made in creating The Witness in the first place.

That success has also allowed Thekla to reconsider the possibility of bringing The Witness to other platforms as well. Although Blow stated earlier that The Witness on Xbox One wasn't being planned, apparently a few weeks and $5 million in sales revenue go a long way in getting a developer to contemplate the grueling task of developing another version of a game for a new platform.

Blow stated that alongside the Xbox One, other platforms up for "serious" discussion include iOS, OS X, and Android. It seems likely that Thekla would begin with the Xbox One, however, given that it has already acquired a ESRB rating for The Witness on that console.

The game itself has been praised for being equal parts intuitively fun to play and remorselessly brutal in regards to puzzle difficulty. While The Witness is meant to be played without any help from others, those who are stuck can peruse the already countless puzzle guides, like this one for The Witness' Symmetry Laser, should they find any one problem a little too unforgiving.

the witness environment setting

Of course, there are those gifted few among us who make games look easy, and The Witness is no exception. Despite the fact that the game has upwards of 40 hours of content with much of it being fairly complex, one speedrunner already managed to beat The Witness in 25 minutes after memorizing every single puzzle within the game. We'll just stick to poring over graph paper for hours on end before giving up and playing some Rocket League to clear our heads, thanks.

Have you played The Witness yet? Do you think it will find similar success on the Xbox One if it releases on the console? Let us know in the comments below.

The Witness is available now for PC and PS4.

Source: The Witness Official Blog (via GameSpot)

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