The Witcher Netflix Series Releases New Images, Including Geralt in Combat

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More news has arrived from the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher series in the form of a number of set photos showing off the production for the upcoming show. With these new stunning screenshots showing off the heightened quality of the production, the community for The Witcher has come to life with excitement for the series.

In anticipation for the new 8-episode series, Netflix released 8 new photos, including Geralt in combat and some stylistic shots showing off the various settings where the show will take place. With the show releasing at an undetermined time in 2019, no matter what leaks might suggest, any news is welcome for fans looking to see more.

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Many of the pictures of Geralt show Henry Cavill expressing all of the emotions fans expect from the classic character, running the gambit from sad, to depressed, to distraught. Geralt himself can get fairly depressing, but considering the many deaths that fill the Witcher series, it's understandable that he might be on the dower side at this point in his career. Other popular characters make appearances in the new photos, including Ciri, Yennifer, and Geralt's trusty horse Roach. Although, it isn't only the heroes and those close to Geralt that are featured the new images, with monsters and combatants in more large scale battles that might be taking place in the background of the main story of The Witcher.

While a number of the casting decisions, starting all the way back to having series protagonist Geralt played by Superman actor Henry Cavill, have been controversial, these new photos have brought quite a bit of support to the show, with many fans claiming that these images are examples of the show getting ready to check off fan requests for Netflix's Witcher adaptation. The costumes look stunning and the set pieces pull viewers into the world as effectively as the game did. There is still time until the show releases later this year for fans and Netflix to continue building up hype.

It should be noted that these images are fairly high quality and indicative of a show with the type of professional production value that fans expect from Netflix shows. These are the kinds of images fans of the dark tone of The Witcher should be excited about, since they mirror the somber tone of the original stories. While the Netflix show is focused on adapting the novels and short stories, The Witcher still has the potential of delivering video game fans an adaptation to be proud of, re-imagining a world that inspired what many claim to be the best open-world game to date.

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