From its expansive, snow-covered mountain ranges to its burning sunsets, the scenery in The Witcher has had plenty of fans captivated since the series launched back in 2007. Ten years later, and the fantastical sights of The Witcher universe are about to get even more colorful. Franchise developer CD Projekt Red has announced it’s teaming up with comic book publisher Dark Horse to release a Witcher-themed coloring book.

Aptly titled The Witcher Adult Coloring Book, the forthcoming release marks yet another collaboration between the two companies. The book is a trade paperback comprised of 96 pages, and measures in at 10 inches by 10 inches. Each page features complex black-and-white illustrations depicting fan-favorite characters like Ciri, Geralt, Triss, Roach, Shani, and Yennefer all in a variety of magical settings and situations.

For context, the “adult” portion of the book’s title refers to the intricacy of the line drawings and not the nature of the content itself. Rest assured that The Witcher Adult Coloring Book won’t be akin to any kind of lewd fan art, and won’t display characters in any compromising or inappropriate scenarios. However, Rafal Jaki, business development manager at CD Projekt Red, did confirm that one illustration shows everyone’s favorite silver-haired hero, Geralt, relaxing in a bathtub.

the witcher adult coloring book bathtub geralt

Apart from the picture Jaki posted on Twitter, the store page reveals the cover for the coloring book. It features Geralt of Rivia slashing his way to freedom, battling against a group of slimy swamp creatures. As with the rest of the book’s illustrations, the cover image is mostly black and white but is accented by a splash of red, representing the blood that’s pouring out of one monster’s hand and into the pool of water below.

Dark Horse Comics provided a full description of the coloring book:

“Journey along with Geralt, Ciri, Triss, Yennefer, Roach, Shani, and all of your favorite Witcher characters in a variety of fantastic settings… all inspired by the hit video game franchise with The Witcher Adult Coloring Book. Featuring uniquely designed and highly detailed black-and-white illustrations inspired by the games; this compilation of exquisitely crafted images is a must-have for Witcher fans worldwide!”

the witcher coloring book cover

Illustrated by Marianna Strychowska, Yu-Chen Tang, and Scott Wade, The Witcher Adult Coloring Book is set to hit shelves on November 1, 2017. Fans can pre-order the book, which runs for $14.99 USD, starting right now.

This isn’t the first time The Witcher game series – which is actually an adaptation of a fantasy novel series by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski – has been translated into another form of entertainment. Earlier this year, streaming service juggernaut Netflix confirmed that it would be producing a television series based Sapkowski’s books.

All things considered, it appears that The Witcher Adult Coloring Book is another strong addition to CD Projekt Red’s the massive Witcher merchandise collection. The coloring book will offer players a way to unwind after killing monsters and trekking through mystical lands all day.

The Witcher Adult Coloring Book releases on November 1, 2017

Source: Dark Horse Comics, Rafal Jaki – Twitter