10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In The Witcher 3

There are a lot of things to do in The Witcher: Wild Hunt that can keep you busy for a long, long time. Because of the game’s complexity, fascinating side quests, and fun gameplay players are still discovering new quirks in the game and fun things to do.

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Whether it’s getting into a boxing match with a troll, bewitching animals, taking psychedelic mushrooms, or knocking flying enemies out of the sky, here are some things the average player probably wasn’t aware of when they first played.

10 Calm Roach

While Roach is a solid horse for combat against humans, the poor critter has a tough time with monsters. If her fear levels rise high enough she’ll kick Geralt off and flee, which can be problematic if the player is trying to reach safety and doesn’t want to fight.

One way to help mitigate this problem is to cast the Axii sign on Roach. This powerful sign will drop her fear levels significantly and can keep her calm enough to get you through a problematic forest or evade tough enemies.

9 Pied Piper

It turns out the Axii sign not only works on Roach, but other animals. Things like cats and deer will become bewitched by the Axii sign and follow Geralt around so long as they’re within the aura of his sign.

Players have also found out that the Axii sign is incredibly useful in the main quest A Princess In Distress. Instead of trying to use the bell players can use the Axii sign to bewitch her into following. Admittedly it makes progress slower, but animals under this spell are much more compliant.

8 Repair Weapons In Combat

The game does a pretty good job of forcing players to plan out their upcoming fights and make preparations ahead of time rather then in the moment. There’s nothing more illogical than being able to pause a fight against some horrific beast and apply oils to weapons or concoct potions.

There is one mechanic that the developers either failed to consider or intentionally left out however. It turns out the player can still pause the game and repair their weapons and armor in mid-combat. It’s hard to imagine that going down in real-life but it is handy for those long engagement when your sword starts to break down.

7 Knock Them Out Of The Sky

Flying monsters can be complicated foes to fight and often times can be annoying engagements. Fortunately, the player can use the Aard sign to knock them out of the sky and leave them a stunned heap on the ground.

In fact, if players advance their character enough the Aard sign will become so powerful it’ll one-shot kill weaker flying enemies, causing them to go flying into the distance or drop to the ground like stones. It’s not only helpful but makes for some very amusing gameplay.

6 Roll Out

The Witcher: Wild Hunt is unique among games in that it recognizes fall damage and isn’t very forgiving about it. It’s more than likely that many players died after forgetting they couldn’t jump off cliffs after playing a game they could.

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While this trick doesn’t remove fall damage, it does mitigate it a little and can give you a second chance at life or open up shortcuts. If the player enters a roll just as their character is about to hit the ground it will lessen the impact of the fall, think of it like parkour enthusiasts rolling out of jumps and you get the idea.

5 Roach’s Infinite Stamina

There’s nothing more frustrating then trying to escape a dangerous situation on your horse or trying to quickly get from one side of the map to the other only to have to wait for Roach to regenerate her stamina.

What many players have failed to realize is that there is a way to travel at a full trot without losing stamina. If players stick to the roadways while on horseback Roach will automatically follow them and no longer lose stamina. It doesn’t help when escaping a forest, but traveling the highways goes much faster.

4 Fist Fight A Bear

In Skellige players can get into the local fight club and knock opponents silly for money and glory. If you can take down the three fighters in the Skellige chapter, Valgard, Grim, and Einar, you qualify for a fistfight to the death against the reigning champion, Olaf.

It turns out Olaf is a large bear and packs a mean punch. It’s likely not a development the average player will expect but makes for an epic quest to complete. Afterward, citizens of the area will refer to David and Goliath moments as “pulling a Geralt” in reference to your impressive feat.

3 Fist Fight A Troll

It turns out Olaf is merely a qualifier for an even bigger and more ridiculous tournament to prove your fighting prowess. If the player manages to become the fist-fighting champion of the three regions, Velen, Novigrad, and Skellige, they then qualify for the fight of all fights.

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It turns out the reigning champion is a massive rock troll and understandably has never been beaten. If you manage to take him down with your fists you become crowned the Champion of Champions and receive the Brawl Master achievement.

2 Respec Geralt

In the beginning, it’s hard to decide which build you’re going to follow and what style of play you’ll enjoy. This often results in players having developed a character that doesn’t feel right, is limited in some way, or they simply want to try something else.

Fortunately, the game has included the Potion of Clearance which allows you to respec all of Geralt’s skill points to quickly switch playstyles and builds without having to start the game over. There’s no limit to how many you can buy.

1 Cave Of Dreams

One of the more interesting things the player can do in The Witcher: Wild Hunt is the side quest The Cave Of Dreams. Here Geralt joins a group of men seeking to explore the Cave of Dreams where it’s said the manifestations of your darkest fears reside.

The player enters the cave and after consuming the hallucinogenic mushrooms inside will awaken in a mysterious cave filled with each member’s nightmares, cultivating in the group facing what Geralt fears most, the Wild Hunt.

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