Thanks to a big The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt fan, players can now install a new mod titled ‘Winter is Coming’ which will bring snow to almost the entire game map.

Despite CD Projekt Red having brought an end to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with the release of its final expansion Blood and Wine, there is still much exploring and fun to be had in the award winning action-RPG via the many fan mods available. From implementing an optional first-person perspective to adding in a playable female protagonist, fans have used mods in creative ways to keep the gameplay fresh, and one of the latest to be released happens to coincide nicely with the upcoming Christmas holidays.

The base game may already have snow in certain areas, but a modder by the name of KNGR decided to up the ante considerably by releasing a new mod called Winter is Coming, which, as suggested by the title, brings Winter to the Witcher 3 game world by adding snow to almost the entire map. Given that CD Project Red isn’t running a holiday mod contest this year, this new mod from KNGR is a nice and timely expansion for fans who are about to settle in for the holidays.

While Winter is Coming brings a beautiful new look to the game world, it isn’t quite perfect as the mod can’t add snow to every texture to in The Witcher 3, meaning that certain areas are snow-free such as roofs and tree leaves. Having said that, the Winter is Coming mod is a nice, eye-pleasing addition to base game, especially when combined with the improved graphics mod.

As fans continue to bring in new Witcher expansions and additions, CD Projekt Red are busy working on its ambitious new game, the mysterious Cyberpunk 2077. While very little is known about the title despite having been announced back in 2012, the developer has teased that its upcoming game will be “more ambitious” than The Witcher 3, meaning that there’s likely an even bigger scope for fans to get creative with mods.

It remains to be seen whether Cyberpunk 2077 will indeed live up to expectations, especially given how Blood and Wine managed to make in onto Game Rant’s Best RPGs of 2016 list despite it being an expansion. However, given the high quality of work that’s been released by CD Projekt Red in recent years, we can certainly expect something special from the studio when its mysterious sci-fi game is finally released. With the prospect of flying vehicles, a futuristic sci-fi setting, and the possibility of a “living” city, one thing is for sure for future Cyberpunk 2077 modders; fans will have an equally rich game world to play with as they did with The Witcher 3. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.