As we’ve said time and time again, CD Projekt RED has done a fantastic job when it comes to consistently releasing new DLC, updates, and patches for their latest game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game’s had some issues here and there, of course, ranging from bugs to a weird licensing issue on the Xbox One, but despite it all, the Polish developer has supported their game and its fans as best as they could.

CD Projekt’s efforts, as a result of numerous amounts of feedback, led to the development and release of the biggest patch for The Witcher 3 so far, Patch 1.07. The patch brought with it several welcome changes, including a new walk mode for Geralt, inventory management, and many performance improvements. Unfortunately, and to the disappointment of some, the newest patch has come with the unexpected side effect of lowering the frame rate on the Xbox One and PS4.

Digital Foundry took a good, long look at The Witcher 3‘s performance post-Patch 1.07, and compared it to the game installed with Patch 1.05. This led to the discovery that, in certain parts of the game, the frame rate takes a dive on both consoles, though the Xbox One still holds the lead over its competitor. In Crookback Bog, specifically, both versions of the game ran into trouble and their respective frame rates locked in at 20fps.

Conversely, traveling through Novigrad leads to little change on the Xbox One, while the PS4 produced stuttering – even when running through one of the game’s many countryside roads. Needless to say, this isn’t a great thing to see several patches later. Especially since this recent patch was presumed to be the one that finally addressed the consoles’ performance issues.

As Digital Foundry summarizes:

“Overall, little has improved in PS4’s bid for a smooth 30fps reading here, and in fact, the tail-end of our Novigrad test shows dips to 25fps as we hit the marketplace – something not seen on the last patch.

“Compared side-by-side, the gap has narrowed between PS4 and Xbox One, but only due to the latter’s apparent degradation in performance, forcing the two to run at a matching 20fps in challenging areas. Otherwise, PS4’s performance profile on patch 1.07 doesn’t give us much to celebrate – it still stutters in places where Xbox One runs at a perfectly smooth 30fps, and in cut-scenes, Sony’s console produces the lower readings overall.”

Regardless of the issues found following Patch 1.07’s release, the update is still largely recommended, if only because of the new features and gameplay tweaks introduced. Furthermore, running the latest version of the game is never a bad thing, unless one of the new problems is something truly game-breaking. Luckily, this doesn’t appear to be the case this time around.

Besides, the two upcoming DLC expansions for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will more than likely require players to have the latest version of the game. No need to miss out on new content because you prefer playing with an outdated game.

Source: Digital Foundry