Earn a Ridiculous Amount of Money in ‘The Witcher 3’

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Occasionally, players discover ways to play games that deliver unexpected advantges. Sometimes, developers quickly remove these exploits, as Bungie does with the Destiny loot caves. Other times, developers use the exploits as an opportunity to troll gamers, like Rockstar Games did when players used a car exploit in Grand Theft Auto Online.

CD Projekt Red is taking a slightly different approach to an exploit discovered in this week’s big release, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The exploit allows players to harvest cow hides and earn massive amounts of in-game gold, which is used to purchase weapons, armor, and other materials.

In response to the cowhide farming exploit, CD Projekt Red released a statement – not as a development company, but as one of the in-game Witcher 3 characters. The below statement comes from Bobbe Malinka, a senior scribe with the Nilfgaard Press Department (Nilfgaard is the most powerful empire in the Witcher universe):

Nilfgaardian representatives are currently investigating the issue and exploring ideas to address the rapid influx of cow hides on the marketplace of White Orchard.

Sustained cow slaughter may influence local economy and job market by allowing an unnaturally fast accumulation of goods, and also produces an undesirable effect of breaking gamer immersion.

All instances of poaching will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Nilfgaardian law, so cow exploiters better be on the lookout. We don’t want any beef, but we have zero tolerance for such behavior.

Witcher 3 Cow Exploit

Neither CD Projekt Red nor this Malinka fellow offered any further details as to how the Nilfgaardian Empire will respond to these “cow exploiters”, but based on the above description, the Witcher 3 developer might have a special surprise in store for players. For instance, CD Projekt Red could decide to have exploiters arrested in the game after selling too many hides in the markets.

The note about influencing the local economy could also mean that the developer is planning to charge more for weapons and armor after players sell a certain number of hides, therefore balancing out the influx of cash. Of course, CD Projekt Red could also decide to simply lower the amount of gold players receive from selling hides, which would also help curb cow poaching.

Whatever the developer is planning, it’ll likely be coming soon, so those players looking to get some extra cash from this exploit should act quickly. To take advantage of the exploit, players need to kill a herd of cows (White Orchard is a good location for this), and collect their hides. After collecting the hides, meditate for two hours, and another group of cows will appear, ready for the slaughter. Sell the hides to merchants, and build a small fortune; however, after a certain number of sales, individual merchants will stop buying hides, and players will need to find another merchant to sell to.

Have you used this cowhide exploit? What do you think CD Projekt Red is planning? Share your thoughts in the comments.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot