It doesn’t take long for gamers to realize the importance of leveling up in CD Projekt Red’s recently released The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. As players run around the vast open world, they encounter many different monsters and enemies, some of which are extremely powerful and require players to be at a high level to beat. Additionally, the Witcher 3 world is full of contracts and side quests that cover a large range of level requirements.

For the most part, players will level up as they complete story missions, witcher contracts, and side quests, but that may not be enough for some. For those who want a leg up, and are willing to do a little bit of grinding for XP points, we’ve put together the below list of XP exploits in Witcher 3. Be aware that these may be boring, but they have the potential to help players quickly level up their character.

Kill Drowners for Experience

The first method is something players can do as soon as they have a crossbow and enter Velen. There is a small island on the west side of Velen where players can dive just under the water’s surface and take out hordes of Drowners.

As the above video shows, players need to swim around until they find the right spot, at which point they can quickly shoot the Drowners using their crossbow, then turn their camera 360 degrees around Geralt and do it again. Drowners will continue spawning when players move the camera, and with each Drowner counting for seven experience points, this is a quick way to level up, especially early in the game.

King’s Gambit Fist Fights

Once players open up Skellige, there are a couple decent ways to quickly level up. The first comes when players start the King’s Gambit mission (which is opened after players complete the Possessions and The Lord of Undvik side quests). During this mission, men must fight each other in an effort to prove their strength and become king. Players have the opportunity to fight against multiple opponents during the mission.

Players will gain 50 experience points from the fight, even if they lose. And since the game lets players keep the experience they’ve gained, even when they lose, this is a quickly way to gain thousands of experience points in a very short time.

We’ll note that players should avoid winning too often, as winning three times in a row will cause the mission to become unavailable. So as long as players lose periodically, they should be good to go.

Kill Cyclops, Meditate, Repeat

There’s another great experience boost opportunity in Skellige, though this one requires players to be at least level 25 to successfully achieve. Once players reach the correct level, they can head to the east side of Skellige to a Place of Power, where a level 30 cyclops awaits to fight off any strangers.

Players can quickly take down the cyclops, earning a decent amount of experience for the kill. Then, simply medicate for an hour, and the cyclops appears again, ready for another beating.

This exploit has the potential of giving players upwards of 8,000 experience points every hour, as long as players take down the cyclops quickly. And, since players meditate between each slaying, their health will be full each time they take on the single-eyed monster (as long as they’re playing on lower levels of difficulty).

Path of Warriors

The final and probably most profitable The Witcher 3 experience exploit is also located on one of the Skellige islands. It comes by way of the Path of Warriors mission. In the mission, players are tasked with getting a special item called the Trial of Dexterity token and talk with a man sitting on the Path of Warriors.

As the above video shows, players talk to the man and gain 50 experience points, after which they can run a few feet back to the beginning of the mission, then head back to the sitting man to get another 50 experience points.

This can be done as long as players like, and has the potential to give players 18,000 experience points every hour. That’s enough to level up a few times in a single sitting. Granted, it requires a fair bit of running and is basically mindless grinding, but for those who have the patience, it’s a surefire way to get a decent amount of experience quickly.

More Methods

There are undoubtedly many more methods of gaining experience points quickly in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt beyond the ones we’ve referenced above.

Have you found any other methods for gaining experience quickly and leveling up fast in Witcher 3? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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