New Isometric RPG in Development By Former Witcher 3 Devs

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About a month ago, a few Witcher 3 developers left CD Projekt Red to start their own development company, called Fool’s Theory. At the time, they stated they were leaving the world of big production and heading to the “mountains of southern Poland” to do something fresh and new.

Now, just a short time after announcing the new company, the team at Fool’s Theory is ready to reveal their first game. The title, known as Seven, is a 3D isometric role playing game that runs on Unreal Engine 4.

According to the Fool’s Theory website, in Seven players will take on the role of a lone traveler in a world known as the Empire of Vetrall, a world ravaged by apocalyptic ruin. Players will traverse the landscape using parkour-style movement and be expected to make difficult choices with potentially dire consequences.

In a statement about the game, Fool’s Theory founder Jakub Rokosz shared his team’s vision for Seven:

“Our greatest ambition is to bring a breath of fresh air into classic, isometric role playing games–a genre where the player was traditionally chained to the ground. Seven will bring a new type of exploration as well as open new possibilities for tactical planning and stealth gameplay. We are fully aware how big the challenge is, but it only gives us a greater motivation.”

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Unlike other indie developers, Fool’s Theory’s leadership boasts an impressive resume of RPG game building. Rokosz himself spent more than five years at CD Projekt Red, where he worked on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Another member of the Fool’s Theory team, Karolina Kuzia, worked for three years building quests for The Witcher 3.

Even though Seven sounds like a far different game than those in the Witcher series, the team’s experience will surely shine through in the new isometric RPG. Add to that the fact that Fool’s Theory is working alongside IMGN.PRO – the developer responsible for indie games Khlolat and MouseCraft – and gamers have a lot to look forward to with Seven.

Although Fool’s Theory has yet to describe Seven in detail, it’s already clear by the premise that the game will attract interest from many gamers, especially those who are fans of the genre. However, that doesn’t mean the game will achieve automatic success. Rather, Seven will have to compete with the growing number of post-apocalyptic indie games whose developers are dead-set on creating the next big thing.

As for release date, Fool’s Theory has not yet given any hints, and likely won’t any time soon considering development began only recently. However, Fool’s Theory did reveal Seven is expected to launch on PC when it does eventually release.

What do you think about Fool’s Theory’s first game, Seven? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Fool’s Theory