The Witcher 3: 5 Reasons We Love The DLC Ending (& 5 Why It Doesn't Suit Geralt)

The ending of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt main game gives us closure for Ciri, regardless of what ending you get. It could be good closure or bad closure but hey, it's closure. Meanwhile there's not really much for Geralt in terms of change, since he goes back to the same life he had at the start.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

But if you play on through Blood & Wine, Geralt gets a home. He gets his own house in Toussaint and, depending on what choices you made throughout the game, Yennefer or Triss might be there to live with him. It's a happily ever after for the witcher, but does he really suit it? There are some reasons we love it, and some that it just doesn't seem quite right for Geralt.

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10 Love: He Finally Gets To Rest

Geralt's had a hard life. He's constantly chasing down monsters through witcher contracts and when he's not doing that, he's dealing with monsters that are nothing to do with contracts — such as the Wild Hunt going after Ciri and Geralt pulling himself into that whole mess. He's done so much for the world (even if he does it coldly) that he definitely deserves to put his feet up in his own home and have some time away from the slaughter.

9 Doesn't Suit: Geralt Would Get Bored

witcher 3 changed sidequests

But we have to question if he would even want the time off. Being a witcher is what Geralt does best and although he could probably have taken breaks, he doesn't seem to have a desire to. When he finishes one contract, he's chasing down the next one, and it's easy to believe that he might quickly get restless living in a house like an actual, normal person. Hm.

8 Love: He Finally Doesn't Have To Leave Yennefer (Or Triss)

Depending on your choice, Geralt can have Yennefer or Triss as the love of his life (or none, if he tries to romance both — watch out!). When he gets to his home at the end, one of them will be there waiting for him and will promise to stay with him. It's the stability that Geralt perhaps needs and regardless of who he chooses to be the love of his life, he doesn't actually get to see that much of them during the game. This is Geralt's chance to actually spend time with the woman he loves, to be with her properly, unhindered by monsters chasing them down.

7 Doesn't Suit: Could Geralt Really Be A One Woman Guy?

Some might say that it's not really in Geralt's nature to be monogamous though. He has a number of chances to romance women during the game, and it's probably rare that a player takes absolutely none of those other chances. It seems that Geralt is pretty used to sleeping around, and living in a domestic house with a woman and being intimate with her alone just seems a little out of character.

6 Love: His House Is Beautiful

His house is beautiful, and located in Toussaint. Toussaint is one of the most picturesque places in the whole game (perhaps second only to Skellige), so we can't really fault the location here. The house itself is also huge and definitely befitting of what Geralt has actually done for Toussaint, so aesthetically, it's definitely the home he deserves. It's not like he's settling down in a shack.

5 Doesn't Suit: Geralt's Home Is Kaer Morhen

But as beautiful as his home is, Geralt's true home may always be Kaer Morhen, where the witchers are. Geralt often speaks about the life of a witcher as if it isn't ideal, yet the witchers are clearly his family — just look at him when Vesemir died! So the game can try and sell Toussaint to us as his home, but there's always that thought in the back of our minds that he belongs in Kaer Morhen, even if it's not the picturesque house he's given at the end of Blood & Wine. 

4 Love: He Doesn't Need To Worry About Ciri

Geralt spends most of the game worried about Ciri, and understandably so since she's been tracked down by the Wild Hunt. But at this point in the game, whatever her ending was, he doesn't need to worry about her.

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Worst case scenario, she died because of the White Frost. Or she could be Empress, or a witcher he can keep his eye on while living with him at his home... the possibilities are endless for his honorary daughter, but either way, he's not stressing out wondering if the Wild Hunt have caught up to her or if she's dead yet. After all, even as a witcher, she's very capable.

3 Doesn't Suit: Geralt Isn't Much Of An Interior Decorator

witcher 3 geralt fighting

Geralt is given the chance to decorate his house which is... a little bit laughable. Geralt doesn't seem to care much about aesthetics, so while it's nice for the player to make some choices about the house and spend a bit of coin getting it all done up, we can't imagine Geralt himself is going to care that much.

2 Love: The Game Needed A Firm Ending

The game did need a firm ending, though. For Geralt as well as Ciri.

And this is about as firm as it gets — a truly typical happy ending, Geralt in his home with the love of his life and the main dangers to those he cares about vanquished. Even if you don't think this ending suits Geralt, we'd be surprised if you didn't smile a little when you saw it.

1 Doesn't Suit: But Maybe It Should Have Been More Tragic

But in the world of The Witcher, everything is tragic, and perhaps this should have been too. Perhaps something should have happened to Yennefer or Triss, or they never got that house to settle down in. Perhaps something should have happened to even Geralt.

But maybe CD Projekt Red were leaving some doors open for The Witcher 4, and hey, can we really complain if that was the case?

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