This week’s game trailer roundup features a pair of iOS titles that will be coming soon. Sometimes mobile games don’t get their due, which isn’t entirely fair. As seen with the success of Angry Birds (which is getting a new space-based expansion), simple games are capable of a great deal of fun and for such a low cost, who can say no? We also have several retail games that involve swords and explosions. Let’s get the ball rolling.

1. The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings Enhanced Edition Teaser Trailer 2

CD Projekt RED’s adaptation of the The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition is still a few more months away from release, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad time to release another new trailer. This second teaser reminds us of the deadly threat of a mysterious kingslayer and the ramifications of the numerous fallen kings.

For a little more back story, consult the cinematic trailer to see what it takes to kill a king.


The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings Enhanced Edition releases on April 17, 2012 for Xbox 360.

2. Xenoblade Chronicles Trailer

Warning: Overly dramatic trailer ahead. Rightfully so, Xenoblade Chronicles IS a Japanese RPG after all. It might be easily apparent to see how dated the game looks when compared to current Wii titles, but Xenoblade Chronicles has been released already… only in Japan and Europe, that is. This trailer will do well to illustrate exactly what American gamers have been missing out on. Sure, the story looks complicated, but it can’t be more so than Final Fantasy XIII (amirite?). For those doubting the game’s fun factor, foreign press outlets have consistently given the game very high marks, so it’s got to be worth checking out for RPG fans.


Xenoblade Chronicles releases on April 6, 2012 for Wii.

3. Bitter Sam Official Trailer

Sam’s a bitter guy. His life isn’t what most would call “ideal,” but there he is trudging along in whatever kind of existence he can manage. That is, until one day he is kidnapped by a crazy scientist whose intentions could be benovolent…or not. Sam is then drafted into exploring the bowels of the scientist’s labs to retrieve crystals for… something. It’s an iOS game, so the story isn’t really that important. Take a look below for the trailer and see what kind of gameplay Bitter Sam will entail.


Bitter Sam releases on March 15, 2012 for iOS.

4. BlackSpace Teaser

And now we have a very teasing teaser for BlackSpace – the first game from PixelFoundry, a dev formed from EA Tiburon vets Volga Aksoy and Jerry Phaneuf. It’s a real time strategy game releasing on PC “as soon as possible.” The teaser is extremely vague. The only things that are truly discernible have to do with a connection establishment, floating space objects, and typing noises. Overall, it’s a rather underwhelming trailer, here’s hoping the final product will be much more exciting.


BlackSpace has no official release date yet, but will be coming to PC.

5. Wheels of Destruction Scout Trailer

The upcoming PlayStation Network vehicle shooter, Wheels of Destruction rolls out its first trailer featuring one of five vehicles to choose from in the game. The vehicle in question? The Scout. Boasting speed, maneuverability, and some versatility, the Scout will be the pick of players who prefer subterfuge over brute force. Gameplay is on deck to show off the Scout’s abilities and there will be four more trailers coming soon showing off the rest of the car roster.


Wheels of Destruction has no official release date yet, but will be coming to PlayStation 3.

6. SSX Flight Gameplay Trailer and Demo Tips & Tricks 

Two more SSX trailers for viewing pleasure. One shows off the wing suit flight gameplay and the other being a tips and tricks video to help those playing the demo to get a little more air, score a little more points. The wing suit gameplay actually looks pretty awesome, combining the wonders of human flight with the skill of snowboarding and creating a very unique gameplay experience that you just don’t see in other “extreme” sports titles. There’s a small part of me that wished the song playing in the video was “Fly Like An Eagle” by Steve Miller Band.


The second video on display is the official tips/tricks segment provided by EA Sports. This one feels a bit more of a talking tutorial. All the same, it’s handy for newcomers to the series and does provide some good pointers and reminders to maximize scores on the particular demo run. Watch below and take in all the knowledge.


SSX releases on February 28, 2012 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

That’s it for this week’s game trailer round up, come again next week for more videos to dazzle the ocular and aural senses.