With The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings freshly released, there’s going to be plenty of RPG and action game fans who will be spending the next few weeks getting to know the game’s protagonist Geralt a whole lot better. Aside from being a dangerous warrior with swords of all shapes and sizes, it also seems that the scarred hero of CD Projekt Red’s latest game has a sense of humor. The first easter egg contained in The Witcher 2 has surfaced, taking a shot at one of other juggernauts in the action-RPG genre – Assassin’s Creed.

There’s a good chance that AC fans will find something to like in The Witcher 2, with the expansive world featuring the same stunning visuals and brutal combat. But for those familiar with the traversal mechanics of the Assassin’s Creed series, a few features will stand out from the medieval backdrop of Geralt’s environments.

The easter egg pokes fun at the ‘leaps of faith’ that both Ezio and Altair make while navigating their ancient cities, diving from impossibly high perches safely into wagons of hay. The idea of leaping from rooftops into soft and cushy wagons certainly stretches credibility, and was also deemed ripe for parody by the developers of The Witcher 2.

In their game world such actions aren’t heroic, but a nuisance in the minds of real adventurers like Geralt. Take a look at the easter egg now:


It’s always nice to see that game developers also stay familiar with projects from other developers, and it’s hard to think of a more popular franchise than Assassin’s Creed at the moment. While some may have expected The Witcher 2 to take a few shots at similar games like Dragon Age, it seems that even those who love fantasy enough to set an entire game in the genre enjoy assassinating historical figures as much as fictitious ones.

It’s still early days though, and given the size of the game’s world, this may be just the first of many shots taken by CD Projekt Red at their competition. If nothing else, this should convince players that exploring every nook and cranny of a map can offer some one-of-a-kind rewards.

We’ll keep you posted on any other secrets or jabs found in The Witcher 2, currently available for the PC.