Next month marks 10 years since CD Projekt Red unleashed The Witcher on gamers, kickstarting a series that’s gone on to etch its name in RPG history. Over the weekend, the studio celebrated this milestone with a panel at PAX West, releasing a special video to the internet to show its appreciation of the franchise’s many fans.

While all three games in the trilogy were well-received, it’s fair to say that the series has matured well. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is undoubtedly the most critically acclaimed of all three games, and it’s not exactly common for a franchise to go out on such a high note.

CD Projekt Red has previously stated that Wild Hunt will mark the end of its time adapting The Witcher. While it’s always possible that the studio will have a change of heart somewhere down the line, it seems that Geralt of Rivia’s adventures have come to a close — and that’s certainly the impression that the anniversary video offers up.

Still, it’s clear that the team has a lot of affection for the franchise and its fanbase. There’s no harm in looking back at its biggest success to date, especially with such a momentous anniversary looming.

CD Projekt Red hasn’t dropped the game’s universe completely, either, as its card-based spin-off Gwent is currently in public beta. The game is hardly going to scratch the same itch as a new adventure for Geralt, but it demonstrates an ongoing commitment from the company to the wider world of The Witcher.

Right now, the studio’s main focus is Cyberpunk 2077, the hotly anticipated RPG that was announced way back in 2012. We haven’t see a great deal of the game outside of some concept art, but after five years of development, it seems likely that CD Projekt Red will lift the lid on its next grand adventure sooner rather than later.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.