When Wipeout: Omega Collection was first revealed at the end of last year, many fans were excited to be able to play three games from the acclaimed future racing series in one, convenient place. As it turns out, this initial excitement may be transferring over to an immediate commercial success, as the collection has debuted in first place in the UK sales charts.

In figures recently released by GFK, Wipeout: Omega Collection managed to grab the top spot in the chart, beating out the previous chart-topper Tekken 7. The Tekken sequel has now been pushed down to second place in the sales table, while fellow newcomer Dirt 4 grabs the third place spot.

The only other new release to break into the top ten was The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, which came in ninth place overall. Aside from that, the rest of the top ten was filled with names that many gamers will find familiar. In particular, two games that seem to be ever-present in the top part of the charts are once again there, with GTA 5 coming in fifth and FIFA 17, which was the best-selling retail game of 2016 in the UK, sitting in seventh place.

wipeout omega collection

Although it’s fair to say that Wipeout: Omega Collection did not exactly face the stiffest opposition in terms of new releases, it’s still a tremendous achievement for the collection. In fact, this marks the first time that a Wipeout game has reached the number one spot in the UK sales chart, in spite of the well-known series having been a part of gaming culture since 1995.

Wipeout: Omega Collection contains the last three releases in the Wipeout franchise, namely Wipeout HD, expansion Wipeout HD Fury, and Wipeout 2048. The compilation includes remastered versions of each game, bringing the Wipeout series to the PS4 for the first time and running at 60FPS.

Should the collection’s sales continue to go well, then Sony may be faced with a tough decision. After all, there has long been a call for another game in the series to be released, and this may well prove that there is still appetite for Wipeout in the games market. With Sony previously refusing to rule out a new Wipeout game, it may well be that another title will eventually see release.

Wipeout: Omega Collection is out now for PS4.

Source: GFK

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