Chris Robert’s Wing Commander series is considered by many to be a seminal sci-fi/flight sim franchise. Indeed, the franchise was so popular that it spawned an entire collection of expansions, five core games, and one sub-par Hollywood movie. But it’s been years since the Wing Commander series spawned a new game, so a re-release of one of the older Wing Commanders will have to do.

Online retailer Good Old Games (GOG) released its first batch of old EA games back in June which included Wing Commander 1 and 2. For me though, and I’m sure many others, the hallmark of the whole series was the introduction of FMV starring none other than Mark Hamill. Thankfully, GOG has now released Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger for digital download for $6.

WC3 was originally released for Mac, PC, Playstation, and 3DO back in 1994, and features Hamill as Colonel Christopher Blair who has just been assigned as the Wing Commander aboard the the Confederation warship TCS Victory. The story talks about the Confederation’s struggle against a long-running enemy within the Wing Commander franchise, the Kilrathi. As previously mentioned, the game features FMV cutscenes that also present the player with choices that can have major impacts on the story in the game and, one way or another, the long standing conflict between the Kilrathi and Confed is resolved by the end of WC3. The cast is a pretty star studded one and also includes Malcolm McDowell, John Rhys-Davies, Thomas F. Wilson and Tim Curry.

I remember playing this game back in the mid-90s on my old PlayStation. It definitely ranked among only a handful of games at the time that used FMV such as Command & Conquer. It also had an invincibility mode that was unlocked right from the start in the options mode if you just wanted to shoot guys down while also just enjoying the story. Considering the $6 price tag for a game that spans several hours of gameplay (and Mark Hamill!) you could do a lot worse for some classics. Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger is available at Good Old Games right me-ow……sorry, couldn’t resist.

Source: RockPaperShotgun