Xbox One Exclusives Can Stream To Any Windows 10 Tablet or PC

Microsoft unveiled and delved into Windows 10 today during the company's event in Redmond, WA today. And just as promised the future of Xbox One was discussed as well. Executive VP of Operating Systems Terry Myerson and current head of Xbox Phil Spencer announced a brand new app for the system that will increase the interactivity between Xbox One and the PC; ss Spencer put it during the event, the company has "learned from past efforts in PC gaming."

This new app (which was leaked a while back) will bring over a player's friends list, achievement, and activity feed, voice chat, send messages, and continue to utilize Game DVR (the feature allowing users to record, edit, and share game clips with their social network of choice).

The biggest feature to come from this app, however, will be the ability to stream Xbox One exclusives to any tablet or PC running Windows 10. Unfortunately, streams can only be done through a home network, which seems to be contrary to what Spencer said during the event, but afterwards the Xbox head stated that other streaming options are being explored.

"Over the last 13 years, Xbox has been focused on creating and expanding great gaming and entertainment experiences on console. We’re incredibly proud of the Xbox One and are fully committed to ensuring it’s the best place to play console games in 2015 and beyond.

"Now, we are also bringing that same focus, passion, and commitment to gaming on Windows 10, enhancing the PC games and gaming devices you already love, including the Xbox One. We’ve listened and learned from our past efforts in PC gaming and I am excited about what the future holds."

Should Microsoft work out a way to stream from an Xbox One in an entirely different location (within a reasonable distance), it'll definitely be a huge marketing and selling point; never mind just how impressive it would be. Combine that with Xbox One/PC cross-platform play and you've got a hard-hitting pair of features to roll out this year.

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As for games that will benefit from this new relationship between Xbox One and Windows 10, only Fable Legends has been announced, which will see a simultaneous launch on both platforms. Expect more games from Microsoft Studios to get the same treatment (perhaps a certain Halo), though they won't be officially revealed for a few more months.

That said, anyone interested in playing around with an early iteration of the Xbox app can download the Windows 10 Tech Preview sometime next week. After that, look ahead towards Game Developers Conference (GDC) in March for even more details regarding Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Sources: Windows Blog, Xbox Wire

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