Windows 10 Adding New Mode to Boost PC Game Performance

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Twitter user finds code for new Xbox-style game mode in leaked Windows 10 update, which should boost PC performance by reallocating resources to games.

Hints have surfaced that Windows 10 may soon introduce a feature that will improve the operating system's performance when playing games. The only hard proof of this so far has been the discovery of a special dll file called "gamemode" in the latest build of Windows 10 (version 14997), which supposedly would prioritize game performance.

As reported by Gamespot, the file was discovered by Twitter user WalkingCat who took a fine comb to a leaked version of the new build. The way the new mode would function is very similar to the way the Xbox One runs a game and should boost performance by allocating resources specifically for gaming, a feature that up to now has been lacking in the newest version of Windows. The specifics are vague, but an algorithm would be used to feed power specifically to the CPU and GPU to handle the strain games put on computer systems.

"Gamemode" will most likely ship together with the Creators update, which will be available sometime this spring to Windows Insiders, before becoming available for free to all Windows 10 users. Details are still a bit vague on the Creators update, but will most likely feature Xbox-style enhanced streaming for Windows 10 as well as improvements to tournament play.

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Microsoft seems to be further developing its offensive against Steam and other online retailers with the new build, offering further integration between Windows 10 and the Xbox One. Currently, a large number of games can be played on either platform,which some say is indicative of a Microsoft push against Steam's virtual monopoly of the PC gaming market. Thus far its biggest success has been to make console games accessible to people with a PC, but in the fickle entertainment market anything can happen.

Not that Microsoft is the first to try and take the crown from Valve's platform; EA's Origin has enjoyed some limited success in this regard. EA, however, was able to take some of their existing customers with them when they launched Origin; Redmond seems intent on crushing Steam more than anything. The Creators update is rumored to be only active for games bought in the Windows Store, which, if true, would mean that the first shot will soon be fired in the PC gaming wars.

If that's the case, interesting times are ahead as some industry giants go toe-to-toe to gain consumers' favors. The console wars were good news for gamers, maybe this new battle will be too.

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