Windows 10 Offers Free Upgrade This Summer

Windows 10 Release Free Upgrade this Summer

Despite Windows being the most common operating software for PCs, most find the packed-in offerings lacking when it comes to gaming. Instead of Microsoft, this need is expertly filled by Valve with their Steam service, which has become synonymous with PC gaming.

With the announcement of Windows 10, Microsoft plans to change this stigma and learn from their mistakes by bringing the Xbox ecosystem to PC. Windows 10 will allow players to migrate their friends lists, achievements, messages, activity feeds and more from their Xbox One, as well as stream Xbox exclusives to any computer or tablet running Windows 10.

For players excited to use the Xbox app services on their PC, Microsoft revealed that Windows 10 will launch this summer. Unfortunately, no firm date was announced, but Microsoft did confirm that Windows 10 will release in 190 countries across 111 different languages.

The best part of the Windows 10 release this summer is that it will be free, for the first year, to anyone who currently has Windows 7 or Windows 8, even those who pirated the OS. The free upgrade to Windows 10 will include the Xbox app, which allows players to utilize the Game DVR feature to record, edit and share their gameplay sessions.

Microsoft’s commitment to building a united ecosystem is emphasized by their simultaneous release of the cross-platform (PC and Xbox One) Fable Legends. Fable is one of the stronger brands in the Microsoft stable and the publisher recently backed Lionhead Studios’ decision to release the game free-to-play.

Fable Legends' Villain Creatures

The decision to make Fable Legends free-to-play highlights Microsoft’s resolve to ensure the Windows 10 free upgrade is a success. Fable Legends uniquely combines 3rd person action, which is typically played with a controller (Xbox One), with real time strategy segments, best suited for a mouse and keyboard (PC), to create asymmetrical battles between players.

If Fable Legends proves to be a success, expect to see more cross-platform entries created for the Xbox library that take advantage of the best assets of both the Xbox One and PC. This strategy places Microsoft in a great position to leverage the Xbox brand and create an ecosystem for the Windows 10 summer release.

To help roll out the worldwide release of the free upgrade to Windows 10 this summer, Microsoft teamed up with Tencent, a leading social networking and gaming service in China. In addition to helping launch the OS, Tencent will also bring popular MOBA League of Legends to the Windows 10 store and create a universal Windows 10 app for their 800 million users.

With an aggressive release strategy, a free upgrade this summer, and literally giving away a triple-A gameplay experience, Microsoft is doing everything they can to make Windows 10 and the Xbox app the home for PC gaming.

Will you upgrade to Windows 10 for free on release day this summer? Which feature within the Xbox app are you most excited for?

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