With its release of Windows 10 this year, Microsoft hopes to force gamers to question, if not completely change their negative opinions on the software, as Xbox boss Phil Spencer has promised that Windows 10 is more PC gaming oriented than ever. And now, in an additional bid to make the OS seem more palatable, the head of the Windows Insider Program at Microsoft, Gabriel Aul, has confirmed that users can perform a clean installation of Windows 10 after making an upgrade from Windows 7/8.1 if needed.

The news comes from an exchange between Aul and Twitter user @dinchy87 on the social media site after @dinchy87 asked what will occur after switching to Windows 10. The Windows Insider Program chief responded, by saying:

This comes as good news for those of us who prefer a clean install of Windows with each new version, so when the free upgrade to Windows 10 comes out this summer, users had better grab it as soon as they can, for the free license will only be offered for a year. Although the confirmation sounds appealing, some further clarification is required on Microsoft’s part, due to Aul’s implication that one must upgrade their system to Windows 10 before actually having the option of a fresh installation become available.

At any rate, Microsoft is being rather assertive with their new software, especially by targeting the wallets of gamers. So far, the company has reported that the operating system will provide a slew of new features that were designed with video game fans in mind, as Windows 10 will have an Xbox Live app that will integrate with Cortana, which is their answer to Apple’s Siri. Plus, Microsoft has indicated their intention to have Xbox One exclusives stream to any Windows 10 tablet or PC.

Windows 10 Xbox One PC

While these elements are sure to pique the curiosity of some, there are still many skeptical video game fans out there. After all, Microsoft has promised more concerted efforts on establishing better support for PC gaming in the past, but have failed numerous times to actually do so. Plus, it’s not too ridiculous to presume that such talk is merely a ploy to push the Xbox One rather than truly set a higher standard for their work with PC gaming.

Perhaps the technology firm could form a sturdier bridge between itself and PC fans by offering up legitimate PC ports of their popular Xbox exclusive titles like Gears of War or Halo instead of promising cross-platform integration. While such a suggestion might seem far-fetched, hopefully Microsoft will learn from its past mistakes and show off what gamers truly desire at E3’s first-ever PC Gaming Show this year.

Windows 10 currently has a release date of July 29.

Source: Neowin (via IGN)