Game developer Michel Ancel reveals a brand new gameplay trailer for Wild Sheep Studio’s forthcoming adventure title for the PlayStation 4 known as WiLD.

During Sony’s presentation for the PlayStation 4 during its Paris Games Week 2015 press conference, the company provided coverage for a bevy of great-looking games featured on its next-gen system, including the PS4-exclusive called WiLD. As it happens, Michel Ancel, the popular creator of Rayman Legends and the franchise surrounding it, gave the audience and viewers at home an in-depth look of the title with an extended gameplay walkthrough.

In WiLD, players will take on the role of a Shaman who is inextricably linked with nature. In fact, the adventure game’s protagonist is so closely attuned to the environment around him that he has the ability to commune with and possess practically every creature—each of which have different abilities of their own—to aid him in quests.

As seen below, Ancel sends the Shaman on a task to find a cure to the snakebite that has the potential to kill a member of his clan. By entering into a meditative trance, the Shaman creates a psychic bond between himself and an eagle to get a better vantage point of the earth, so as to come across a snake that can be used as an offering to a sacred divinity.

The Shaman then summons a huge bear as a mount—similar to what one can do with dragon shouts in Skyrim—in order to traverse across the lush, magnificently-designed environment more quickly. Upon reaching the sacred location to summon the snake divinity, the Shaman finds it lousy with dangerous and cannibalistic tribesmen. Using a rabbit for reconnaissance and an unkindness of ravens as a distraction, the Shaman launches a frontal attack with the bear, using  powerful swipes to wipe out the enemies.

Perhaps the most gorgeous, and surprising part of the gameplay involves the actual snake divinity herself. Once the Shaman manages to conjure her spirit, she slithers her way out of the waters in a manner befitting a sultry, yet scaly goddess, with her appearance reminiscent of Angelina Jolie’s as Grendel’s mother in Robert Zemeckis’ film adaptation of Beowulf.


WiLD originally debuted last year during gamescom 2014 alongside other PS4 exclusive showings such as Bloodborne and Until Dawn, with Ancel similarly helming its reveal as he did during this year’s display at Paris Games Week 2015. And while WiLD looks absolutely beautiful and shows plenty of promise, Ancel made sure to stress that everything shown during the walkthrough is still in development, which means that the art and designs are not final.

For the uninitiated, Michel Ancel is working separately from his home at Ubisoft under the new Wild Sheep Studio imprint with other close members of his Ubisoft Montpellier development team in order to develop WiLD. Although the adventure game is surely his main focus, Ancel is also believed to be working on Beyond Good & Evil 2, with the last update regarding the cult hit title taking place back in June. If that’s indeed the case, let’s hope that he’s able to successfully juggle both projects at once.

What do you think about the footage for WiLD that Michel Ancel showed off at Paris Games Week 2015? With the title being a Sony exclusive, does it make you happy to own a PlayStation 4, or at least make you want to purchase one?

While WiLD lacks a release window, the adventure game is currently being developed exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Source: Eurogamer

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