Nintendo Prepares First Wii U Virtual Console Titles Including 'Super Mario World'

Wii U Virtual Console Games

Later this week, Nintendo's Wii U virtual console is scheduled to go live with a selection of five titles from among the publisher's most iconic games. Considering these are some of Nintendo's most famous titles, this is by no means the first time these games have been re-released, but this is their Wii U debut.

Prices vary depending on the title's original console, but the collection includes two SNES titles — Super Mario World and F-Zero — and six NES titles — ExciteBike, Punch Out, Donkey Kong Jr., Ice Climber, Kirby's Adventure, and Balloon Fight. Remember, these are but the first batch of Wii U virtual console titles, but for a first set it's pretty eclectic.

Yes, 8 games isn't exactly a king's bounty, but Nintendo has to start somewhere. And for gamers that already own any of the games, Nintendo is offering a discount - $1 for NES games and $1.50 for SNES. Otherwise, the SNES titles will be available for $7-$8, while the NES will cost $5-$6. Should these games have been free for current owners? Probably, but $1 isn't bad.

All six games are available a day after the scheduled system update later this week, so if you haven't booted up your Wii U in a while — there's bound to a few (a lot) of you out there — it would be an ideal time in the near future. A sizeable update will greet you, but after that, some Nintendo classics are yours.

More importantly, these new games will finally be available on a HD console. They won't be HD, mind you, just on an HD console.

And for those gamers that want to take some Excitebike on-the-go, they can use the Wii U's gamepad. Honestly, though, it's when Nintendo starts digging into their unreleased Virtual Console titles that things will start getting exciting.

Which of the Wii U's first Virtual Console games are you most excited to play? What should Nintendo roll out as part of the next content update?


Source: CVG

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