Typically, it’s hard to evaluate early review scores for games because they come from mid to low level publications, and are usually passed on through a secondary medium. Nevertheless, when the games are highly anticipated or they are the flagship launch titles for a new console — like Nintendo‘s Wii U — the reviews are worth checking out.

The reviews in question are for two of Nintendo’s major Wii U launch titles, New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land. Both are promised to be major system movers for the hot new console — that is if they are worth playing.

Thankfully, at least according to the magazine Games Master (yeah, take this with a grain of salt), the two games show off the console’s features well and are fun to play.

Words like “surprised” and phrases like “bodes well for Mario’s future Wii U outings” are thrown around in the New Super Mario Bros. U review, which ended up earning an 82% from the publication. Our hands-on time with the game at E3 2012 helped better illuminate how the Wii U’s touchpad comes into play for an additional player — helping the group cross large chasms or creating platforms to new heights — but ultimately it was more fun to use the touch controls for griefing purposes, impeding friend’s progress.

Games Master also mentions that NSMBU is a much easier entry in this relatively new franchise when compared to its Wii counterpart. As a major showpiece for the Wii U it’s probably for the best that the difficulty doesn’t border on insane just yet.

Nintendo Land fared a little better in its review and ended up earning an 86% from the publication. The review says the game, which features a large collection of Nintendo franchise-centric mini-games, is more than just a glorified tech demo, and is “party-fuelling fun.” We’re still a bit skeptical, as it still seems like watered down version of Wii Sports, but there’s no denying lots of gamers are going to eat this game up.

Unfortunately, though Games Master has early reviews of Nintendo Land and NSMBU they have not rendered a verdict on the Wii U, or at least it has not made its way online. Games are the all important determining factor when it comes to picking up a console at launch, but when it boasts a lot of new and interesting bells and whistles like the Wii U it’s also worth hearing how the console functions.

Are you picking up a Wii U and if so are either Nintendo Land or New Super Mario Bros. U on your radar?

The Nintendo Wii U, along with launch titles Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U will be available on November 18, 2012.

Source: CVG