Wii U Footage Price

Possibly the biggest story to come out of E3 yesterday was the announcement of Nintendo’s Wii U console. The crowd was wowed not only by Nintendo’s new innovative controller design, but also by what they thought were gorgeous graphics being rendered by the new system. However, after the presentation Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime admitted that the video used in the Wii U demo video was actually footage of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the games.

Fils-Aime insisted that the Wii U’s graphics would be comparable to the graphics shown during the presentation, and that revealing footage from a console over a year before its release was not reasonable. When asked point blank if the footage came from PS3 and 360 games he replied:

“Absolutely, because we’re talking a year away from when this system’s going to launch…In terms of how good it looks it’s going to be driven by what the individual developers do. It’s going to be 1080p, it’s going to be high definition. You’re going to see games that take full advantage of a system that has the latest technology and can push out some incredible graphics.”

While he has a point that showing in-game footage over a year away from actual release would be pushing it, Nintendo presented the footage without any known disclaimer. While Nintendo has stressed that the Wii U’s graphics will be high definition and will be on par with the other major consoles, this has to be a disappointment to many fans. Most who’ve watched the demo reel have probably come away assuming that the graphics were produced by the new console.

After Nintnedo’s press conference, Fils-Aime was interviewed by G4TV and made no mention of the swapped footage when asked about the Wii U graphics. The fact that he only mentioned it when directly asked points to the fact that Nintendo didn’t want this known.

In the same interview, Fils-Aime avoided questions about a specific price point for the new console, only saying it will be “a fantastic value.” More details came out of a Japanese newspaper interview with Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata. Iwata hinted that the Wii U will “likely be priced at more than 20,000 yen ($250) in Japan when it goes on sale next year.”

What do you think about Nintendo using Xbox 360 and PS3 footage in their presentation? Does it make you any less excited about the Nintendo Wii U? Are you willing to spend over $250 for the Wii U? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter.

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Source: Gamesindustry.biz, Bloomberg