It’s been a long time coming, but Nintendo is finally prepared to provide its fans with details on when the Wii U is arriving, and more importantly how much it’ll cost. Reggie Fils-Aime sent out the above video earlier today to invite gamers to tune into a big Wii U event in New York City tomorrow morning, and it’s here that the house of Mario is expected to finally provide consumers with launch information regarding the successor to the Wii.

While Reggie didn’t come out and say that all the launch details would be made public tomorrow, a tweet from Nintendo President Satoru Iwata made the Big N’s intentions very clear. Iwata simply stated that anxious fans in Japan can expect to have sales information regarding the Wii U arrive tomorrow at 4pm JST (3am EST), and it’s not much of a stretch to believe Reggie will do the same thing in The Big Apple.

“Good evening, it’s Iwata from Nintendo. Tomorrow at 4pm [Japanese Standard Time] we’ll broadcast online the Wii U’s sale information. We’ll tell you when the Wii U will launch and how much for.”

After Nintendo announced that a big press event was scheduled to take place on September 13th, it was widely accepted that it was there that the company would provide curious onlookers with the launch details they’ve been salivating over. So far, it’s believed that the Wii U will cost somewhere between $249.99-$299.99 — and that it’ll arrive at some point in November — but we’ll know exactly when it’s coming and how much it’ll cost in just a matter of hours.

Wii U Release Date Price NYC Event

Aside from launch info and pricing, it’s believed that the final launch lineup will be revealed. There’s even a chance that a new game or two could be announced, but we’d imagine that Nintendo will stick to talking about the games everyone already knows about. Fans should also expect more details on the Wii U’s online functionality, and which downloadable titles will be available from day one.

The Big N will live stream the ‘Wii U Preview Event’ on the official Nintendo website, as well as their Facebook page, beginning tomorrow morning at 10am EST. If you can’t catch the information as it’s confirmed live, then be sure to check out Game Rant for any and all news that spawns from the event.

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Source: Nintendo & NeoGaf (via Joystiq)

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