Wii U Officially Confirmed For a 2012 Holiday Release

Wii U Confirmed 2012 Holiday Release

With an odd and unsure unveiling of the Wii successor last summer that included little info about the actual console, its power or even its price, it was rather clear that the new home console would hit store shelves sometime in 2012. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has officially confirmed this to be true, and that it will be released by the end of this holiday season in Japan, Australia, Europe and North America.

Upon the Wii U's official announcement back at E3 2011, the fire of the console wars burned bright and questions about the power of such a unit compared to current-gen systems vs. the PS3 and Xbox 360 successor spread like smoke. Pulling the trigger first, Nintendo went guns blazing to ensure a memorably conference — check out Game Rant's first impressions of the Wii U. We saw tech demos, but not the actual console or any games.

After the wow factor of the E3 Conference settled, it was time for the hard facts. What would the Wii U make possible? The Wii suffered from not being HD capable and the Wii U would rectify this while also aiming to finally bring a usable online system, including internet browsing capabilities.

As for the one certain feature that we actually got hands-on with, tablet controllers are the defining characteristic of the new unit, allowing games to make use of dual screens. At first it seemed the unit would only support one such input but recent rumors indicate that the Wii U will be able to support two tablet controllers.

As for how powerful the system would be and whether or not it could actually be considered a "next-gen" platform, some rumors have the Wii U twice as powerful as the Xbox 360, while the Xbox 360 successor is rumored to be six times more powerful than the Xbox 360. Keep in mind, original reports had the Wii U console only as powerful as the Xbox 360.

There was no official word on pricing from Iwata, but this is one big step closer to getting the Wii U in the mitts of salivating gamers. Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime has already hinted at pricing for the Wii U, claimomg that the Wii U will disrupt the market as a game changer, so to speak, like the Wii did initially by successfully introducing motion controls and reaching out to an entirely untapped demographic.

E3 2012 is what's on everyone's mind as not only will the Wii U details be fully fleshed out, but there are strong possibilities of Microsoft - and potentially Sony - may do first unveilings of their next-gen systems as well.

What will you be looking forward to hearing about at E3 this year from Nintendo? What price point do you predict the system will launch at?


Souce: Reuters

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