According to various reports, the production for Nintendo’s Wii U gaming console could possibly cease entirely during the early portion of the year 2018.

Now that it’s been revealed that the Nintendo NX’s release date is set for March 2017, it is being reported the company could potentially end the production of its Wii U console come March 2018. According to claims from the tech branches for the news outlets of Reuters and BBC, Nintendo’s CEO Tatsumi Kimishima divulged the information regarding the Wii U during the company’s latest earnings briefing today.

The statement can’t be found within Nintendo’s earnings report posted online, but the news seems to be coming from a Q&A discussion in which Kimishima took part in with analysts and reporters. Nintendo, however, has yet to make an official statement on the matter.

Back in March, it was claimed that Nintendo would discontinue the console sometime later this year by the Japanese newspaper Nikkei. Nevertheless, the outlet’s report seemed to be incorrect, as the video game company refuted the story, with Nintendo later denying it would stop the system’s manufacturing in 2016.


As many gaming fans are surely aware by now, the Wii U’s sales have struggled since day one. As a matter of fact, Nintendo recently published its Q3 financials, showing that the console has only sold more than 12 million units worldwide since its launch back in November 2012. Compared with the original Wii’s massive sales figures with upwards of 101 million consoles sold, the Wii U has been a considerable financial flop.

Furthermore, not only has Nintendo failed to hit the mark by having the Wii U meet the sales numbers of its previous consoles, but also the company is currently lagging way behind its competitor in the PlayStation 4. As it happens, PS4’s holiday sales for 2015 showed 5.7 million units being moved, which puts Sony’s current generation console at roughly 36 million systems sold. With Microsoft not revealing figures for Xbox One consoles, though, it’s hard to tell the disparity between the Wii U’s numbers and Microsoft’s system. Be that as it may, a sales report suggests there have been about 18 million Xbox Ones sold.

At any rate, should Nintendo be ending the Wii U in 2018, it would be a good move on the company’s part so as to focus its efforts on the NX, and attempt to make up for any lost revenue over the past several years. Of course, with Nintendo confirming that its forthcoming console will be skipping E3 2016, the firm is not really doing itself any favors in terms of promotion by keeping the NX away from the spotlight.

The Nintendo Wii U‘s most recent release is Star Fox Zero, which is available exclusively on the console.

Source: BBC and Reuters (via VideoGamer)

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