While Nintendo has already revealed a healthy (maybe) offering of launch titles for their forthcoming console, the Wii U, and answered many of fans’ questions after its unveiling back in 2011, they still haven’t made one extremely important announcement: revealing the price. Nintendo fans the world over — still mourning the loss of Nintendo Power — have been wondering since day one when the console might release, and more importantly if it will be as affordably priced as its motion-centric predecessor.

When that reveal will take place is unknown, but a new press event scheduled for September 13th in New York, appears to be the likeliest place for said reveal to occur. It’s not an outright confirmation from Nintendo, but when factoring in past events like this, it stands to reason that this Wii U shindig will be where the price and release date are revealed.

Invites to the event went out to press earlier today, and claimed that those in attendance will get a closer glimpse of “how the Wii U will change the future of gaming and entertainment.” Last time Nintendo held an event like this in the states, they revealed the North American price and release date for the 3DS…and then promptly changed their minds, dropped the price, and instituted an Ambassador program. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again.

Many have hypothesized that given the touchpad controller‘s robust nature, and the amount of tech the console is rumored to hold, that it couldn’t possibly retail for anything under $300. $250 has long been considered the sweet spot for the console, making it appear affordable in the eyes of the casual consumer, and making it less of a financial risk for the wary hardcore gamer.

Analysts like Michael Pachter think that a certain threshold will be the kiss of death, while others believe that the lack of really powerful launch content — many of Nintendo’s most hyped launch titles are Wii U ports of games like Mass Effect 3 and Arkham City — has doomed the console from the start. Still, price is pretty important, so if Nintendo can nail that they might be able to make a killing this holiday season. Who are we kidding they’re going to make a killing, but hopefully at this event they can announce something better than a new Pikmin.

What do you think will occur at this Nintendo event? What would be a reasonable price for the Wii U?

Nintendo’s next-gen console, the Wii U, will be out this holiday.

Source: Kotaku

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